Diablo 4: Vampiric Incubator

You have to cleanse 3 Vampiric Incubators in Diablo 4’s Kor Dragan Stronghold, however you firstly have to defeat Vampiric Corruptions.

Diablo IV is the fourth instalment in the Diablo series, and it is set for release on 6 June 2023.

Although the game is not officially released, players were able to enjoy an open beta for a limited time. During the open beta, players could explore several areas and complete quests.

One of the features that you were able to enjoy is Kor Dragan Stronghold, which features Vampiric Incubators.

Strongholds in Diablo 4

Strongholds are some of the most formidable areas in Diablo 4. These dungeon-like features give players the opportunity to test their skills against powerful enemies and to earn a lot of gold, Legendary Loot, and Renown.

One of the Strongholds that you can encounter in Diablo 4 is Kor Dragan and it is no different than other Strongholds in the game.

Players can find this Stronghold in the northern part of Fractured Peaks. It is worth noting that only players who are level 25 or higher can enjoy this activity.

The enemies in Kor Dragon are quite powerful, which makes them difficult to destroy, especially if you are doing it solo.

Diablo 4: Vampiric Incubator

The main goal of Kor Dragan is to purge all of the vampiric corruption in the Stronghold. However, this is a two-step process, as you cannot take out all the Vampiric Incubators until you have cleared the smaller Vampiric Corruptions that are connected to it first.

Diablo 4: Vampiric Incubator
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The Vampiric Corruptions are large fleshy clumps, which you can find by following the veins that creep out from the main Vampiric Incubator. There are 3 Vampiric Incubators that you have to clear before you can complete Kor Dragan.

Once you have entered Kor Dragan, you can explore the area until you find the first Vampiric Incubators. Be warned, though, you have to defeat several enemies along the way.

After finding the structure, you have to purge the Stronghold of Vampiric Corruption. The Vampiric Incubator is immune to attacks until you have destroyed all Vampiric Corruptions.

The following incubator can be found in the Cathedral and once again, you need to locate the Vampiric Corruptions to clear the Vampiric Incubator. You can find the final incubator to the southeast of Kor Dragon in the Chancery.

Once you have discovered the final incubator, you have to take out the final Corruptions. When you have cleared all the Vampiric Incubators, you need to deal with a massive Vampiric Aberration that you can find to the far north of the Stronghold.

The Forgotten Bishop

After clearing the way, you have to defeat the final boss of the Stronghold. The first thing you will notice is that there is not a lot of space to move in the room.

The boss is surrounded by 3 more Incubators, which start off shielded. These incubators also impact where you can and cannot move during the battle.

The battle starts out easy, but it increases in difficulty as he spawns additional enemies. You can never defeat these enemies as they will only be Dazed for a while.

Players have to line up their Ultimate skills with any abilities that they have to inflict a Vulnerable effect on the boss. This will make the fight much easier as you deal a lot of damage to Nilcar.


Once you have completed the Stronghold, it may seem like the only real reward was the Renown bonuses.

Unlike other Strongholds, you will not unlock any Waypoints or Vendors for completing Kor Dragan. Instead, you will find a campfire with which you can interact to earn an experience point bonus.

Vampiric Corruption locations

If you follow the traces of a Vampiric Incubator, you will find Vampiric Corruption, some of which can be difficult to find.

Diablo 4: Vampiric Incubator
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The table below lists the locations of the Vampiric Corruptions:

Vampiric Incubator Vampiric Corruption locations
  • Left of the Incubator
  • You have to climb the stairs near the ladder and leap across the gap to the left
  • You can find it up the stairs to the east of the Incubator
  • Climb the northwest wall near the Incubator and look to your left
  • Players can find the second Corruption just south of the Incubator
  • You have to climb the north of the Incubator, go east, and go up the steps to your south
  • You have to climb the wall to the southeast of the Cathedral
  • After going east from the first Corruption, go down the stairs to find another Corruption
  • The final Corruption can be found just east of the Incubator

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