Diablo 4: Salmagundi

During Diablo 4’s Season Journey, players can acquire the Salmagundi mount by completing objectives, however, this reward is currently bugged.

Diablo 4 recently launched its second season, which revolves around vampires.

During this season, you can acquire new Legendary Items, complete new quests and prevent the vampires from sending their newly-turned followers across the land to gather the blood of innocents.


During the second season of Diablo 4, you can enjoy the Season Journey, which contains a series of challenges that you have to complete to earn rich rewards.

Keep in mind though that these challenges are split into chapters with the tasks matching the level that you should be at with your seasonal character.

There are approximately 7 chapters that you can progress through, each of which has a set number of objectives that you need to complete before you can move on to the next chapter.

For instance, chapter 1 requires that players complete 6 of 8 objectives, while chapter 3 requires that you complete 10 of 13 objectives.

For every chapter that you complete you will earn rich rewards. The rewards you can earn includes but are not limited to class specific items, Greater Favor, Journey Caches, and a unique mount known as Salmagundi.

To earn this mount, players simply have to complete chapter 5, called the Slayer chapter, of the Season Journey. In order to complete chapter 5, you have to progress through 10 of the 12 available chapter objectives.

That being said, several Diablo 4 players revealed that they have completed chapter 5’s objectives and did not receive the Salmagundi mount.

Slayer Objectives

In order to get the Salmagundi mount, you have to complete 10 out of the 12 available objectives. The following table lists some of chapter 5’s objectives:

Objective Description
Jewel Crush Craft a Flawless Gem at the Jeweler
Triple Threat Upgrade 2 vampiric powers to level 3 by consuming Potent Blood
Fully Avowed You have to possess 20 total Pacts across equipped armor at once.
Stormwatch Defeat Grigore in Nightmare World 3.
Crop of Blood Reach Reputation level 10 in the Blood Harvest
Threshold of Damnation Complete the Fallen Temple to unlock Torment World Tier 4.
Sojourner into Darkness Complete a Tier 20 or higher Nightmare Dungeon
Reaching for Greatness Improve a Paragon Glyph to Rank 21 after completing Nightmare Dungeons.

Which objectives should you complete?

Players have to complete 10 of the 12 available objectives to complete chapter 5. If you do not like player-versus-player battles, we recommend that you skip Lilith’s Undoing as it requires that you purify 5000 Seeds of Hatred in Hostile areas.

If you are at the appropriate level, you can complete Jewel Crush and Potent Potable as both objectives are quite easy to complete. Potent Potable requires that players craft an Elixir of at least level 65 at the nearest Alchemist.

You can essentially complete any 10 objectives of the chapter to earn the mount. However, we recommend that you complete the easier tasks before selecting one of the more difficult objectives.

Salmagundi bug

As previously explained, some Diablo 4 players did not receive their Salmagundi mounts after they completed chapter 5’s objectives.

Naturally, this has caused an uprising among players and they have taken to Blizzard’s forums to discuss the problem.

It is believed that the issue is not limited to one particular platform, as players on various platforms have encountered the Salmagundi bug.

Currently, Blizzard is yet to address the issue, which means that there is no official fix for the Salmagundi bug.

Since several players have reported the same problem, it is possible that the developers are aware of the problem, even though they have yet to confirm it.

Bug workaround

If you are one of the unlucky Diablo 4 players who did not get the Salmagundi mount after completing chapter 5, you can use the following to trigger the reward.

There is no guarantee that this will trigger the reward, though but it is worth a try:

Method Description
Restart the game Players should ensure that they completely exit the game, including any background processes, if you are on a PC. After restarting the game, you can check your rewards to see if the Salmagundi mount has appeared.
Relogging Players can simply log out of their accounts and log back in to refresh their account’s status.
Verify your internet connection You have to ensure that your internet connection is stable and working without interruptions.
Check for completed objectives Players must ensure that they have completed 10 of the 12 objectives.

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