Diablo 4: Living Steel

Diablo 4 players have to open Tortured Gifts of Living Steel chests to acquire Living Steel, which can be used to defeat a new endgame boss.

Players can join the fight in the Blood Harvest to earn seasonal progress and reputation in this exciting video game, Diablo 4.

You have to take on the vampire hordes in 2 new local events and 7 new dungeon events to prevent them from taking control of Sanctuary.

Living Steel

Not only did season 2 of Diablo 4 introduce a new storyline, but it also released new bosses, new resources, new gear and the new vampiric power.

One of the new resources that players can acquire is Living Steel, which can be used to summon Grigoire. This Galvanic Saint is an endgame boss introduced with the Season of Blood.

The only way to acquire Living Steel is to loot it from Tortured Gifts of Living Steel chests which randomly appear during the game’s Helltide events.

Players should therefore note that the Helltide events appear on the world map in World Tier 3 and higher every 2 hours and 5 minutes. You have to acquire Aberrant Cinders to open the Helltide Chests.

Allegedly, you will need 300 of the currency to loot the Tortured Gifts of Living Steel chests.

To summon Grigoire on World Tier 3, you need 2 Living Steel, but if you are interested in fighting the boss on World Tier 4, you need to collect 5 Living Steel to summon him.

Diablo 4: Living Steel
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Tortured Gift of Living Steel chest locations

Players will generally find Tortured Gift of Living Steel chests when a Helltide event is active.

That being said, the location of the chest will only appear on the map if you are close to it. These chests respawn when the hour changes and you can likely get a new one in the same Helltide.

There are reportedly 64 Tortured Gift of Living Steel chests scattered around the map:

Location Number of chests in the area
Fractured Peaks 12
Scosglen 10
Hawezar 12
Kehjistan 18
Dry Steppes 12

When a Helltide is active in one of the mentioned locations, we recommend that you search the area to open as many Living Steel chests as possible

Aberrant Cinders

Players will not be able to open a Tortured Gift of Living Steel chest if they do not have 300 Aberrant Cinders in their inventory.

This means that you need to farm this currency quickly and efficiently if you want to collect enough cinders before a Helltide event ends.

It is worth mentioning that Aberrant Cinders only start appearing in the game when you have completed the main campaign and have completed the first Capstone Dungeon to move the World Tier to 3.

Players can earn Aberrant Cinders by completing objectives, slaying foes and harvesting Screaming Hell Veins.

The most reliable way to collect this currency is to ignore the mobs and focus on completing world events and objectives.

How to summon Grigoire

Once you have enough Living Steel, you will be able to summon The Galvanic Saint, Grigoire.

You have to travel to the Hall of the Penitent, which is a special Lair located in Dry Steppes. This lair only appears in World Tier 3 and World Tier 4.

Although you can summon and destroy the boss on World Tier 3, we recommend that you save your Living Steel to defeat the boss on World Tier 4. This is because Grigoire will only drop Shards of Agony on World Tier 4.

This material is required to spawn another new boss, Echo of Duriel, which is the only boss that can drop Uber Uniques.

The fight against Grigoire

When you have placed the Living Steel on the altar, Grigoire will appear and you have to conquer him to earn rewards.

To vanquish the boss, we recommend that you stay behind him at all costs as his attacks can be lethal.

Furthermore, you can use Lightning Resistance potions, gear and gems to make the fight easier. Grigoire will use the following attack patterns in the fight:

Attack Pattern Description
Lightning Platforms and Landing Square platforms will be hit by lightning and you have to dodge these attacks by moving to the middle area first. You then have to move outside when the boss lands in the arena.
Lightning Balls The boss swipes at your character as his mace releases balls of lightning. You can dodge this attack by standing close to Grigoire.
Electric Walls Grigoire summons pillars that connect through lighting. Diablo 4 players should avoid the walls and reposition themselves as this can drain their health.
Knight summon The boss calls Knight Penitents to his aid. We recommend that you destroy the adds first.
Lightning Call Grigoire calls down bolts of lightning in the area to deal damage.

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