Diablo 4: Gurgling Head

The Gurgling Head is one of the Malignant Body parts which is required to summon one of the 5 endgame bosses, Echo of Varshan, in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 is an adventurous video game that takes place in the vast, open world of Sanctuary.

Players have to defeat demons, explore nightmarish Dungeons, master a variety of abilities and complete quests to advance in the game.

Gurgling Head

As you progress in Diablo 4, you will come across numerous bosses, though some bosses can only be defeated when you have reached the endgame phase. One of these bosses is the Echo of Varshan.

However, to summon this boss, you need Malignant Body Parts, namely, a Gurgling Head, Trembling Hand, Blackened Femur and Malignant Heart.

Once you have acquired all of these items, you will be able to summon the boss and destroy it to earn rewards.

Completing Whispers of the Dead in either World Tier 3 or World Tier 4 will earn you a cache which contains a random Malignant Body Part.

This means that you have to complete Whispers and obtain a Tree of Whispering Cache for a chance to receive a Gurgling Head.

However, you can also get the Gurgling Head as a random item from a Grotesque Debtor enemy. Furthermore, you can get the item by transmuting other Malignant Body Parts.

Although you can earn the Gurgling Head from several activities, we recommend that you focus on completing the Whispers of the Dead endgame activity in World Tier 3 and World Tier 4.

This guarantees a high chance that you will receive at least 1 Malignant Body Cache and if you open it, you will be rewarded with a random body part.

Even if you do not get the Gurgling Head, you can transmute the other body parts to create it.

Diablo 4: Gurgling Head
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Required items to create Malignant Body Parts

If you have farmed many Malignant Body Parts, but you have yet to find a Gurgling Head, you can create the item by visiting an Alchemist in one of the larger cities.

The following table lists the required items to create Malignant Body items:

Item Required materials
Gurling Head
  • Malignant Heart
  • Abstruse Sigils
  • 15 Veiled Crystal
Malignant Body Cache I
  • Blackened Femur
  • Coiling Ward
  • 5 Veiled Crystal
Malignant Body Cache II
  • Trembling Hand
  • Baleful Fragment
  • 5 Veiled Crystal

How to use the Gurgling Head

Once you have acquired a Gurgling Head, you can use it to summon Echo of Varshan. Players must then travel to Hawezar and find the Tree of Whispers in the Writhing Mire area.

Keep in mind that you have to complete the Tree of Whispers Bounties to unlock the Malignant Burrow Entrance.

In addition to the Gurgling Head, you have to obtain a Trembling Hand and a Blackened Femur to enter the Burrow in World Tier 3. To enter the Burrow in World Tier 4, you also need to have a Malignant Heart in your inventory.

If you travel through the Malignant Burrow, you will find the Malignant Altar, and placing the body parts on the Altar will summon the powerful Echo of Varshan.

Whispers of the Dead

Players can complete Whispers to earn a Gurgling Head to summon Echo of Varshan. This activity focuses on the Tree of Whispers, which is in Hawezar.

Keep in mind that you have to play through to the end of the main story and return to the Tree to unlock this activity.

Upon accepting the Tree of Whispers’ request, you will find new icons on the world map which represent active Whispers that are only active for a certain amount of time.

If you travel to these icons, you may have to kill a set number of enemies or complete a dungeon or cellar.

Completing these Whispers will grant a number of Grim Favors and for every 10 Favors that you have collected, you can head back to the Tree of Whispers to claim rewards.

Echo of Varshan

When you have gathered the necessary summoning materials, you can go to the level 75 dungeon in Malignant Burrow.

Before trying to defeat this boss, Diablo 4 players should optimize their build and gear to increase their DPS and survivability.

We also recommend that you craft Elixirs of Poison Resistance before starting the fight as the boss is able to inflict Poison.

Once the fight begins, you should avoid staying in front of the boss, as his AoE skill hits any target standing in front of the boss.

Keep in mind that you can team up with other players to defeat the Echo of Varshan though, which will make the fight easier.

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