Destiny 2: Utility Kickstart not working

Bungie recently disabled the Utility Kickstart mod in Destiny 2 and players are very unhappy about this, as it greatly affects their builds.

You can assume the role of a Guardian in this imaginative role-playing game, Destiny 2. It is now up to you to protect the planet’s last safe city from enemies.

As you progress in the game, you may make use of mods to enhance your gaming experience.

One of the mods that you can use is Utility Kickstart, however, several players have revealed that it is not working.

Destiny 2: Utility Kickstart not working

There are several mods that Destiny 2 players can install to enhance their gaming experience, such as Utility Kickstart.

When your class ability energy is fully expended, Utility Kickstart enables your character to gain class ability energy.

Additionally, your Armor Charge is consumed, and you gain additional class ability energy for each stack.

Several players have revealed that the Utility Kickstart mod is not functioning  normally. On a Reddit thread, a player stated that he is unable to equip the Utility Kickstart mod and the option was blacked out.

According to a Destiny Director tweet, the Utility Kickstart mod has been disabled due to an issue.

Destiny 2: Utility Kickstart not working

Allegedly, Bungie disabled the mod as players were experiencing an infinite super glitch during both player-versus-player and player-versus-environment modes.

According to Redditor, PsychWard_8 it is Bungie will reportedly patch out the glitch and re-enable the mod soon.

When will Utility Kickstart be enabled?

At the time of writing this, it is impossible to know when Bungie will enable Utility Kickstart.

The developers posted on their Twitter account that the mod has been disabled, so it is believed that they will announce that the mod has been enabled on Twitter.

We recommend that players use other mods or means to influence their class ability energy while the Utility Kickstart is disabled.

Why was Utility Kickstart disabled?

Several players have revealed that only Titans received the Utility Kickstart bug. The mod allegedly provided infinite shields for Titans as they only had to switch the armor on and off multiple times.

This loophole gave Titans an unfair advantage over other classes and Bungie made the decision to disable the mod to resolve the issue.

Many players felt that Bungie only should have disabled the mod for Titans and not for every class. However, this was not possible, as Bungie disabled the mod for all classes.

Effect on builds

Players have shared their opinions about the mod being disabled on Twitter. One Destiny 2 player, Seffron, revealed that disabling the Utility Kickstart mod broke 3 of his main player-versus-environment Hunter builds.

He also said that he will not be able to play Destiny 2 until the mod is enabled.

Redditor Vivid_Plantain_6050 said: “Utility Kickstart is a cornerstone for my favorite build and now it is disabled because people can’t stop using exploits.”

Destiny 2 players are very unhappy about the mod being disabled and hope that Bungie resolves the issue quickly.

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