Destiny 2: Universal Constant Emblem

Destiny 2 players can make a donation towards Bungie’s Foundation, Game2Give, to obtain the new Universal Constant Emblem

On Thursday, 25 January 2024, Bungie released the weekly update for Destiny 2, and it announced various features.

Players can now enjoy Riven’s Wishes, Moments of Triumph 2023 rewards, a Community Sword challenge and the Winning Wizard Festival of the Lost sets.

The update also revealed that Bungie is launching the fifth edition of the Bungie Foundation’s annual charity event, Game2Give.

The Destiny 2 community has already smashed all of the previous campaign records as they have raised more than $2 000 000 in less than a week.

Players can also enjoy a livestream, which goes live on Thursday, 1 February 2024, on the Bungie Foundation’s new Twitch channel.

If you watch the livestream, you will be able to claim Twitch Drops, which can reward you with an in-game item.

Game2Give will continue through Sunday, 4 February 2024. Players can show their support by donating money or by hosting a fundraising campaign with your community.

Bungie’s Foundation is offering its largest set of rewards ever, with a wide range of goodies that you can earn, including the new Universal Constant Emblem.

Destiny 2: Universal Constant Emblem
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Players can also earn 20 legacy emblems, a new Cosmic Tune Ship and the coveted Bloodstream emblem. In order to procure the new Universal Constant emblem, players must donate a certain amount of real money to Bungie’s Foundation.

After donating money, you will receive the Universal Constant emblem in Destiny 2, which can then be assigned to the emblem slot in the game.


In order to make a donation, you have to go to the official Bungie Foundation website. Every $7 donated earns 1 credits, which can be used to redeem rewards of your choice.

The following table lists the donations that you can make:

Donation amount Credits
$49.00 These 7 credits can be used towards any incentive of your choice.
$28.00 Players will receive 4 credits, which is enough for the Universal Constant emblem.
$21.00 These 3 credits are enough for the new Cosmic Tune ship
$7.00 If you make this donation, you will receive 1 credit, which can be used to claim any vault emblem.

How to make the donation

Once you are on the official Bungie Foundation website, you will be able to select the amount that you want to donate. If you are interested in obtaining the Universal Constant emblem, you have to make a $28 donation.

Players then have to choose whether they want to cover processing costs, which are $1.05, or not, and they will have the opportunity to write an encouraging message.

Keep in mind that you need to read and agree to the Bungie Foundation User Terms and Conditions before making the payment.

You have to follow the given instructions to complete the payment.

How to equip the Universal Constant emblem

Once you have completed the payment, you will be able to use your credits to acquire the Universal Constant emblem. Players may have to claim the emblem in their in-game mail to add it to their Collections.

After claiming the emblem, you have to open the Collections menu and select the Flair category.

If you click on the “Emblems” tab, you will see an entire list of all the emblems that you have collected. Players have to select the Universal Constant emblem to equip it.

Destiny 2 players can flaunt their emblems to showcase their achievements and events that they have participated in.

Other players will therefore be able to see that you donated to the Bungie Foundation when you have equipped the Universal Constant emblem.

Universal Constant emblem disabled

Since the release of the Universal Constant emblem, several players have made donations to obtain it. However, a few players have mentioned that after a few days of wearing the emblem, it was disabled.

Allegedly, when players try to equip the emblem, the game notifies players that it requires ownership.

This has caused a lot of confusion among players, as they have already donated the money and used the credits to obtain the emblem.

It is believed that some Destiny 2 players were using exploits to obtain the emblem and therefore, Bungie disabled the Universal Constant emblem.

If you have the emblem equipped, we recommend that you do not equip another emblem as  the emblem is allegedly only disabled if you equip another emblem.

However, if you already have equipped another emblem, you can submit a ticket and send the proof of payment to Bungie to let them know you did not use an exploit to get the emblem.

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