Destiny 2: Record Setter triumph

The Record Setter triumph in Destiny 2 requires players to complete 15 Platinum Contender Cards during Guardian Games.

Destiny 2 invites players to customize and control a Guardian, whose main purpose is to protect Earth’s last safe city from horrific foes.

Players can follow the main story line to advance in the game, however, you can participate in several events and game modes.

One of the events you can enjoy is Guardian Games, which features the Record Setter triumph.

Guardian Games

Guardian Games is one of the 4 main events in Destiny 2. Similarly to other events, in Guardian Games  players have to complete specific tasks and objectives to be rewarded. To participate in this event, you have to go to The Tower, where you will find Eva.

Eva will grant you a Guardian Games Class Item, which needs to be equipped throughout the event. After completing the initial quest, you can participate in several activities to receive Medallions.

Since it is a class versus class event, the class with the most points and Medallions at the end of the event will receive Guardian Supremacy.

Destiny 2: Record Setter triumph

Guardian Games introduces a new seal that players can complete. If you complete 16 out of the 20 available triumphs, there is a chance that you could acquire the character title, Reveler.

Keep in mind that you need to participate in the other main Destiny 2 events to achieve this title.

There are several tasks you can perform during Guardian Games, but you do not need to complete all of them. Players can choose which tasks they want to complete, as long as they complete 16 tasks before the event concludes.

One of the triumphs that you can complete is Record Setter. For this triumph, players have to complete 15 Platinum Contender Cards, which can be purchased from Eva in The Tower.

Although the Platinum Contender Cards only require a small amount of Glimmer, you may only have 1 Contender Card in your inventory at a time.

Destiny 2: Record Setter triumph
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Since you need to complete Platinum Contender Cards to complete Record Setter, you will be rewarded with Platinum Medallions. There are several cards that you can complete, but you may have to complete some tasks more than once:

Name Description
  • Complete Trials of Osiris objectives
  • Complete Nightfall objectives
  • Complete raid objectives
  • Defeat enemies with certain weapons or complete objectives on Neomuna
  • Partition, Terminal Override and weekly missions should count
Higher Difficulty Seasonal Activities
  • Complete Legend Defiant Battleground objectives
  • The Legend Avalon Exotic mission should count
Lost Sectors
  • Complete Legend Lost Sector objectives

Record Setter bug

A Destiny 2 player revealed on a Reddit forum that he completed 4 Platinum Cards, but the game only counted 1. Another player said that he did 2 Neomuna cards and his progress number was still at 0.

Several players were experiencing the same issue, but fortunately, Bungie quickly became aware of the bug.

On Thursday, 4 May 2023, Bungie tweeted that the Platinum Neptune Cards will now progress the Record Setter gliding triumph. If you are still experiencing the issue, it is advisable that you submit a ticket to Bungie to make them aware of the problem.

What to do with your Platinum Medallions

When you have completed the Platinum Contender Cards, you will have several Platinum Medallions in your inventory.

One of the triumphs you can complete during Guardian Games is Platinum. Destiny 2 players can earn 400 points by banking their Medallions at the tower.

If you hand in your Medallions, you will gain points towards the Guardian Games. The class with the most points at the end of the event will win Guardian Supremacy.

Additional triumphs

In addition to Record Setter, you can complete several other triumphs to collect Medallions and points towards your character class. The additional triumphs that you can complete are:

Triumph Description
Pull some Strings Players have to complete 1500 Strand final blows. However, assisting your teammates also counts towards this challenge.
In the Cards For this triumph, players must complete regular and Platinum Contender Cards.
Good Games You have to defeat 800 targets in the Guardian Games playlist or Supremacy game mode.
Up for the Challenge Players must complete Nightfall ops in the Guardian Games playlist.
Classy Arsenal You have to defeat 200 targets with the Title of Taraxppos.
Class Pride Players have to finish Supremacy or Guardian Games playlist with teammates of the same class. This can be done via the team-based matchmaking system.
In it to Win It You have to earn a medallions by completing activities anywhere in the system and then banking it at the Tower.
Talented Scout Players have to destroy 600 targets with Scout Rifles.

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