Destiny 2: Paracausal Adventurer

Destiny 2’s Moments of Triumph event is currently active, and it invites players to complete the Paracausal Adventurer challenge

Destiny 2 recently announced that players can participate in the Moments of Triumph limited-time live event.

This event celebrates the achievements of Guardians in the current year of Destiny 2. Moments of Triumph began on Tuesday, 30 January 2024 and will conclude on 4 June 2024.

There are various challenges that players have to complete while the Moments of Triumph event is active, one of which is Paracausal Adventurer. This challenge requires that you complete a run of each Year 6 raid and Dungeon.

This essentially means that you have to complete Roots of Nightmares, Crota’s End, Ghosts of the Deep and Warlord’s Ruin. If you complete these Year 6 Raids and Dungeons, you will earn the Paracausal Adventurer Emblem.

Destiny 2: Paracausal Adventurer
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Players can equip the Paracausal Adventurer Emblem to their character to show other players that you have completed the Paracausal Adventurer challenge.

The Root of Nightmares raid was released with the Lightfall expansion. Before entering the raid, we recommend that you have a minimum power level of 1770.

There are numerous rooms that you can explore, however, every room consists of various enemies that you have to vanquish.

Crota’s End, on the other hand, was released in 2014 with The Dark Below expansion. Although it was reprised for Destiny 2, it still contains several bosses that you have to defeat.

Ghosts of the Deep is an end-game level challenge geared towards three-persons fireteams. This raid combines powerful enemies with challenging traversal and complex mechanics designed to test your abilities.

Warlord’s Ruin was introduced with the latest Destiny 2 season, Season of the wish. To complete this dungeon, you need high-level characters with a solid build as well as a trustworthy team to successfully complete the dungeon.

If you complete these activities, you will not only complete the Paracausal Adventurer challenge, but you will also receive numerous loot for vanquishing the enemies.

Additional challenges

In addition to the Paracausal Adventurer challenge, you can complete the following challenge while the Moments of Triumph event is active:

Challenge Description
Ghost Shell Players have to complete 14 Triumphs during the event
Unbowed, Unbent Complete every step in the We Stand Unbroken questline
Lightfall Legendary You have to complete the Legendary version of all Lightfall missions
Cartographer Complete all of Neomuna’s Lost Sectors: Thrilladrome, Gilded Precept and Hydroponics Delta.
Terminal Treasures At the end of the Terminal Overload activity, you have to open Terminal Overload chests 25 times
Arise Complete the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon
Roots of Nightmares Players must complete any version of the Roots of Nightmares raid

Can you complete the Paracausal Adventurer Challenge alone?

As previously mentioned, you have to complete a series of Dungeons and Raids to complete the Paracausal Adventurer challenge.

Unfortunately, these activities cannot be completed as a solo player as the bosses and enemies that you will have to face are incredibly strong.

We therefore recommend that you team up with other Destiny 2 players to complete the challenge. You can collaborate with players who are also interested in completing the challenge and to earn the emblem.

Keep in mind that every Raid and Dungeon have a minimum power level requirement which must be met in order to complete the activity.

How to equip the Paracausal Adventurer Emblem

When you have completed a run of each Year 6 Raid and Dungeon, you will get the Paracausal Adventurer Emblem. You can equip this Emblem to show other players that you have completed the challenge.

To equip the emblem, players must open their Collections menu and click on the Flair category.

If you click the “Emblems” tab, you will see an entire list of the emblems that you have collected. Players have to select the “Paracausal Adventurer Emblem” to equip it.

Players can change their Emblem for free at any time. This means that if you obtain a new Emblem by completing the challenges, you can replace the Paracausal Adventurer Emblem for free.

Moments of Triumph 2024 rewards

If you complete the Moments of Triumph 2024 challenges, you will be able to claim numerous items. However, Destiny 2 players will also be rewarded if they complete a certain number of challenges.

The table below lists the rewards:

Number of challenges Rewards
5 Access to purchase the 2023 Moments of Triumph shirt
14 Laurel Shell
21 Fire-Gilt Quadriga
26 MMXXIII Seal as well as a title. Players will also be able to purchase the MMXXIII title pin

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