Destiny 2: New Dungeon Armor

Season 21 of Destiny 2 introduced a new dungeon, which features a unique ocean-looking armor set called The Taken King.

In this first-person shooter video game, Destiny 2, players can explore a mythic science fiction world and participate in various game modes.

The player-versus-environment mode invites you to complete dungeons and raids to collect gear. Season of the Deep introduced a new armor set, which can be procured from the new dungeon.

Destiny 2: New Dungeon Armor

Season of the Deep is Destiny 2’s 21st season and it introduced many new features to the game. By completing the new dungeon, Ghosts of the Deep, players can procure the new armor set.

Similarly to other dungeons, this dungeon has an armor set for each class: Titan, Warlock and Hunter.

There are 3 big encounters in this dungeon, each of which can only drop specific armor pieces. After completing the first encounter, you can procure Gauntlets of The Taken King, Greaves of The Taken King and Helm of The Taken King.

If you manage to defeat Ecthar, there is a chance that you could obtain Gauntlets of The Taken King, Plate of The Taken King and the Mark of The Taken King. Furthermore, the Simmumah Encounter drops any armor piece from previous encounters.

In addition to the gear pieces, each encounter could drop various weapons, some of which are exclusive to the dungeon.

Which weapons can you acquire

Players can receiving the following weapons when progressing through Ghosts of the Deep:

Encounter Weapons
1st: Hive Ritual
  • No Survivors: Submachine Gun
  • New Pacific Epitaph: Grenade Launcher
  • Cold Comfort: Rocket Launcher
2nd: Ecthar
  • No Survivors: Submachine Gun
  • Greasy Luck: Glaive
  • Cold Comfort: Rocket Launcher
3rd: Simmumah
  • The Navigator: Trace Rifle
  • No Survivors: Submachine Gun
  • Greasy Luck: Glaive
  • Cold Comfort: Rocket Launcher
  • New Pacific Epitaph: Grenade Launcher

Class sets

The Ghosts of the Deep dungeon has a special set of armor for all classes. Specific armor pieces can randomly drop from corresponding encounters.

While you are advancing in the dungeon, you may receive a class armor piece with a unique-ocean-looking appearance. These class sets can have high statistics, but it depends on the difficulty level and your luck.

Although there are different gear sets for every class in Destiny 2‘s Ghosts of the Deep, the overall gear set remains the same.

This means that Hunters and Titans will both receive The Taken King pieces, though the appearance of the armor differs. Hunters’ mask and Titans’ helm are both part of The Taken King set, even if they look different.

Ghosts of the Deep requirements

It is vital that you consider the dungeon’s requirements before attempting to complete it:

Category Requirement
Recommended Power Level 1790
Team Size Up to 3 players can form a team to complete the dungeon
Estimated Time per run 1 to 2 hours
Expansion Lightfall and the Annual Pass, or a Lightfall Dungeon Key

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