Destiny 2: Molten Overload not working

The Molten Overload mod in Destiny 2 is allegedly still not working, even though Bungie claims that it has been fixed.

You can enjoy imaginative role-playing and adventurous elements in this thrilling video game, Destiny 2: New Light. It is set in the vast open world of Sol, in which players can take on the role of a Guardian.

Guardians are revived corpses of the ancient dead who were resurrected without any memory of their previous lives. As a Guardian, you have to protect the survivors of the human race from an intergalactic threat.

There are numerous activities in Destiny 2, but it is advised that you focus on completing the main story arc first. In addition to the main story arc, players can participate in varying seasons of the game.

Season 9 of Destiny 2 introduced various new features, including seasonal mods. One of the mods that you can acquire is Molten Overload, but it allegedly des not work.

Molten Overload

Molten Overload is a Seasonal Mod that was introduced in season 9 of Destiny 2. Players could unlock this mod by reaching tier 4 of The Lantern of Osiris and Nightmare Harvester Seasonal Artifacts.

Destiny 2: Molten Overload not working
© Bungie
Destiny 2: Molten Overload not working
© Bungie

Once you have this mod, you can use Solar grenades to cause disruption, which delays ability regeneration and lowers combatant damage output. This mod is extremely powerful against Overload Champions.

In the Season of the Dawn, it was a Chest Armor Mod, and its icon was changed when it reappeared in the Season of the Haunted.

Destiny 2: Molten Overload not working

In June 2022, Destiny 2 players expressed their concern on various forums about Molten Overload, as its stunning function does not work. One player revealed that he used Starfire Protocol with fusions and Molten Overload to stun Champions, but this mod did not work at all.

He explained further that the Molten Overload stun previously worked, but for an unknown reason, it stopped working.

On one thread, a player commented that it is a common mistake, as you need to aim the grenade down for a few seconds before the Champion effect becomes active. However, this also did not activate the stun effect.

Another player stated that he was experiencing the same thing, but when doing the lost sector on K1, the Molten Overload stun did activate, though it was a rare occurrence.

Fortunately, in July 2022, Bungie patched Destiny 2 and allegedly repaired the Molten Overload stun. The patch notes revealed that they fixed an issue where Solar Grenades with Molten Overload equipped were not stunning Overload Champions.

Although Bungie claimed that it fixed the issue where Molten Overload did not stun enemies, it allegedly still does not function properly.

If you are experiencing the issue where the mod does not stun enemies, it is recommended that you report the problem to Bungie. The developers can then be aware that it is still not working and hopefully, they can repair the mod with the next patch.

Additional mods

Seeing as the Molten Overload mod is not functioning properly, players can use additional mods to receive certain benefits. Some of the season 15 mods that you can acquire are as follows:

Mod name Description
Auto Rifle Loader It increases the reload speed of Auto Rifles
Fire and Ice Defeating a Champion spawns a random array of Solar and Stasis wells
Hands On Players gain bonus Super energy on melee kills
Passive Guard You will get less damage from combatants that are close to you while you are wielding a sword
Sword Scavenger Swords get larger bonus reserves when you pick up ammo

Can seasonal mods be removed from Destiny 2?

Season of the Undying introduced Seasonal Artifacts. By accumulating experience, you can unlock 12 of the 25 available seasonal mods in the Artifact.

These mods are removed from the game at the beginning of a new season unless the next season’s Artifact contains the same mod. However, you will still have to earn it again.

Even though Molten Overload is a seasonal mod, it can still be used in the latest season. However, it is advisable that you use an alternative mod until Bungie fixes the stun issue.

How to equip an Artifact mod

Once you have a mod, you first have to equip it for the effect to activate. To do so, you have to open your character screen and select an armour or weapon piece. In the pop-up menu, players will be able to select the mod that they want to equip on the equipment piece.

Keep in mind that equipping a mod has a low cost of Glimmer, as well as an Energy cost.

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