Destiny 2: Maeve’s Key

Destiny 2 players can use Maeve’s Key to procure the Tractor Cannon, which is an Exotic weapon, for free.

In Destiny 2, players can assume the role of a Guardian, whose main role is to protect Earth’s last surviving city from terrifying forces.

While advancing in the game, you will have the chance to discover various items and one of the items that you can procure is Maeve’s Key.

Destiny 2: Maeve’s Key

There are several locations that you can explore in Destiny 2 and most of these locations have non-player-characters (NPCs) with which you can interact. In the Cosmodrome, you will find Shaw Han.

When you open his inventory, you will be able to procure Maeve’s Key. This key has caused some confusion among players, as they are unsure what to do with it. After obtaining the key, you will find a chest called Maeve’s Stash directly behind your character.

To open this chest, you have to use Maeve’s key. Players who open this chest will receive a free copy of the Tractor Cannon which is an Exotic Shotgun that can help solo players and teams bridge any gaps in damage in endgame activities.

Similarly to other Exotic weapons, the Tractor Cannon has unique abilities. Previously, the weapon would increase all void damage by 50 percent and other damage at a lower rate.

However, the void component was removed and now everything receives the same flat boost.


The weapon has a few standard perks and 2 exotic perks:

Perk Description
The Scientific Method Damaging an enemy temporarily increases speed and handling
Repulsor Force The weapon emits a powerful impulse that repels enemies, suppresses their abilities and makes them vulnerable to incoming damage
Extended Barrel It increases range while handling speed is decreased.
Particle Repeater It constrains recoil for every bolt and increases stability
Composite Shock It has a versatile dual-purpose stock which increases stability and handling speed

When to use the Tractor Cannon

Because of the weapon’s debuffs, it can be quite useful for low-level players or for those struggling with tough enemies in raids and other endgame content.

If you use this weapon, your character will receive a short-term buff which allows you to take down extremely challenging enemies.

It is worth noting that if you use the Tractor Cannon, one player will be unable to offer the huge damage of the Lament or Anarchy. However, the debuff makes up for the loss in damage output by improving the damage of 5 other players.

Destiny 2: Maeve’s Key
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Who can acquire Maeve’s Key

Maeve’s Key can be obtained by all players, which means that you can use the key whether you are a free-to-play player or a pay-to-play player.

Destiny 2 developer, Bungie, introduced this feature so that free-to-play players can acquire an Exotic weapon without spending real money.

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