Destiny 2: Liquid coils vs Accelerated coils

Destiny 2 offers numerous weapon perks for upgrading your weapons, namely, Accelerated coils and Liquid coils, each of which have unique benefits.


Players can enjoy adventure and role-playing elements in this popular game, Destiny 2: New Light. It takes place in a fantasy world in which you can assume the role of a guardian.

They are reanimated corpses of the ancient dead, resurrected without memories of their previous lives. They are immortal warriors, created to protect the human race against intergalactic threats.

As you advance in the game, you will discover a variety of items such as gear, materials, resources, currencies, and weapons, among others. Each item in the game has a specific objective, which can have a great impact on your gameplay.

Why are weapons important?

You can acquire different types of weapons as you progress through the main story, and players should note that some weapons feature better statistics and are more powerful than others.

Weapons can affect your gameplay significantly, as the content will be easier with better weapons. All the weapons come with their own perks that boost their natural capabilities.

No player will be able to complete quests or participate in other activities without weapons. Moreover, you cannot defeat enemies and succeed in battle if you do not have weapons in your collection.

Destiny 2: Liquid coils vs Accelerated coils

As mentioned above, you can obtain different weapons with different types of weapon perks as you advance in the game. The weapon perks you may come across include Accelerated coils and Liquid coils. Even though both of these are battery perks, they have unique features.

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The following table outlines their descriptions and effects:

Name Description Effect

Liquid coils

destiny 2 Liquid coils

Features a slower-building charge for higher damage. This coil increases the impact of damage while slowing the charge time. ·   Decrease charge time by 10 percent

·   Increase impact by 10 percent

Accelerated coils

destiny 2 accelerated coils

This coil speeds up the charge and increases the charging time. However, it decreases the impact damage. ·   It increases the charge time by 10 percent

·   It decreases the impact by 10 percent

Before you decide on a coil, it is recommended that you consider your weapon’s statistics, benefits, and aspects. This is because each weapon requires a different coil. You might not perform so well if you equip your weapon with the wrong coil.

Which coil should you use on the Plug One weapon?

One of the most popular weapons in the game is the Plug One, which features incredible statistics. Many players believe that the accelerated coils are a perfect fit for this weapon, but when you look at its statistics and features, it is clear that you should use the liquid coils.

The following table indicates the Plug One’s statistics:

Statistic Amount
Impact 80
Range 62
Stability 54
Handling 42
Reload speed 38
Aim assistance 66
Inventory size 40
Zoom 17
Bounce intensity 25

What are the best weapon perks?

There are various weapon perks that you can use on your weapon. However, some have better benefits and statistics than others. The following table lists some of the best weapon perks in the game:

Weapon perk name Description

Disruption break

Breaking an enemy’s shield with this perk will make them more vulnerable to kinetic damage for some time.

Vorpal Weapon

It increases the damage against bosses, vehicles and guardians with their super skill active.


When you partially defeat a target, it will reload the magazine from the reserves


If you perform a precision kill, it will increase the reload speed and cause the target to explore. It also deals solar damage to nearby enemies.

Explosive Payload

The projectiles create an area-of-effect detonation on impact.

Is using weapon perks mandatory?

It is worth noting that using weapon perks on your weapons is not mandatory. It is thus your choice whether you want to use them or not.

The perks do not really matter in the early-game, but as you start playing midgame content, you might have to use them in order to defeat the enemies. Using perks in the endgame is definitely recommended, as they can greatly impact your gameplay.

Final thoughts

You can experience adventurous role-playing elements in this exhilarating game, Destiny 2: New Light. It takes place in a fictitious world, where you can assume the role of a guardian.

In this case, a guardian is a reanimated corpse of the ancient dead, resurrected without memories of its previous life. Guardians are immortal warriors, created to protect the human race against intergalactic threats.

As you progress in the game, you will find a variety of weapons and weapon perks, such as the accelerated and liquid coils. Players should keep in mind that both of these perks offer unique benefits for your weapon. You should thus carefully decide which one you want to use.

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