Destiny 2: Iron Countershade

One of the shaders that you can acquire in Destiny 2 is Iron Countershade, but you have to complete Iron Banner matches.

In this first-person shooter video game, Destiny 2, you have to assume the role of a Guardian to protect Earth’s last safe city. It is your responsibility to defeat horrific alien races with the power of the Light.

Before you can explore the open world, you have to create a character. As you advance in the game, you can customise your character with shaders. Destiny 2 recently added the Iron Countershade to the game.

What are shaders?

Shaders are cosmetic items that apply a colour scheme or texture to your character’s equipment. Shaders can be applied individually to kinetic weapons, energy weapons, and power weapons.

However, you can also apply a shader to helmets, chest armour, gauntlets, leg armour, and class items.

Shaders can also be applied to ghost shells, ships, and sparrows. Applying a shader to an item costs approximately 500 Glimmer, which is one of the currencies in Destiny 2.

However, Shaders can be applied to the entirety of your character’s armour set for 2500 Glimmer.

Destiny 2: Iron Countershade

Every Destiny 2 season introduces new Shaders for players to collect. That being said, you have to complete a specific task or meet certain requirements to get the Shader. Destiny 2 recently added a new Shader called the Iron Countershade, to the game.

Destiny 2: Iron Countershade
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The Iron Countershade is a Legendary cosmetic item that features 4 metallic colours, namely, rust brown, marble white, metallic beige, and metallic black. If you apply this shader to any item, it gains a chainmail effect.

In order to acquire the Iron Countershade, you have to complete the Iron Banner matches and earn rank-up packages from Lord Saladin. In other words, you have to grind through at least 2 entire resets in Saladin.

You therefore have to reset your Iron Banner rank once and then advance to rank 16 again to claim the Shader. This is because the Iron Countershade is the second-to-last reward on the prestige reputation rank.

Generally, this means a fair bit of play, however, there are a number of factors that make this item even grindier. Firstly, there are only 2 weeks of Iron Banner this season, instead of the usual 3 weeks.

This means that you have to gain 17 ranks every week that the event is active. Furthermore, the new area control game mode, Fortress, can take a while to complete, so you may not progress as quickly in the ranking system.

If you are interested in getting the Iron Countershade, there are a few methods that you can use to boost your Iron Banner reputation.

How to increase your Iron Banner reputation quickly

When you complete an Iron Banner daily challenge, you will receive a 100 percent reputation increase. This boost applies to all the Iron Banner matches that you complete in that week.

It is therefore recommended that you complete the daily challenge every day to benefit from the reputation increase.

Furthermore, you need to have 5 Iron Banner weapons or armour pieces equipped during matches. That being said, Iron Banner armour pieces with Iron Banner transmog ornaments applied count as 2, which means that you can also wear an Exotic.

Destiny 2 players should also equip an Iron Banner emblem if they have one. If you follow these methods, you will receive an 11 times boost to your Iron Banner reputation.

How do the Iron Banner matches work?

Iron Banner uses mechanics that are quite similar to that of Control. It has 3 capture zones and if you capture 1 zone, you get 1 point.

However, capturing an additional zone will reward you with 2 points, whereas capturing all 3 zones rewards you with 3 points.

In order to get more points, you have to defeat others while holding more than 1 zone. If a team captures all 3 zones, a hunt is activated. This locks all 3 zones for 25 seconds and during this period awarding the hunting team 3 points per kill.

If you are on the team that is being hunted, you will only get 1 point per kill. After the 25 seconds have passed, all zones will unlock, and teams must recapture the zones.

How to equip the Iron Countershade

Once you have the Iron Countershade, you must apply it to your items. To do this, you have to open the character menu and navigate to an armour or weapon piece.

Open the “Details”  menu and on the following menu, you can click on the down directional button to open the cosmetics screen.

If you hover over the small square, the shader inventory will open. You can then choose the shader that you want to apply to that specific item.

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