Destiny 2: Iron Banner Loss Farm

Instead of farming wins, Destiny 2 players are farming losses in Iron Banner matches to earn reputation points.

In this first-person shooter video game, Destiny 2, players can assume the role of a Guardian that must protect Earth’s last safe city. It your responsibility to defeat horrific alien races using the power of Light.

 The game is set in a mythic science fiction world, in which you can enjoy various activities. One of these activities is Iron Banner, but instead of farming wins, players are farming their losses.

Iron Banner reputation

Iron Banner has returned to Destiny 2 and this time, Saladin has brought a few of his Cabal friends along with the new Fortress mode.

Competing in the Iron Banner is worth it for hardcore player-versus-player gamers and even for some player-versus-environment mains.

The mode uses the same reputation system as ritual activities. As you complete Iron Banner matches, you will earn reputation with Lord Saladin. When you have earned enough reputation, you can redeem certain rewards.

Moreover, your reputation determines your Iron Banner Rank. There are currently 17 ranks that you can achieve. Once you have reached the highest rank, Legend, you can reset your rankings to earn additional rewards.

Destiny 2: Iron Banner Loss Farm

Iron Banner is a player-versus-player playlist that only appears twice in a season. When Iron Banner is active, players can farm the Iron Banner matches to earn Iron Banner reputation.

Destiny 2: Iron Banner Loss Farm
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Completing games will provide you with the opportunity to acquire exclusive weapons, armour pieces, and a new title.

It is vital to note that the Iron Banner matches are only active for 1 week at a time. The first matches take place in the second week of the season. It is therefore recommended that you get as many reputation points as possible when it is active.

Destiny 2 players have discovered that the best way to gather reputation points is to lose as quickly as possible, rather than participating in the Iron Banner matches.

Allegedly, players have to complete between 60 and 80 matches to collect enough reputation points to reach the highest rank.

This is because you will be rewarded with 300 reputation points if you win an Iron Banner match, which usually lasts 9 minutes.

On the other hand, you will receive 220 reputation points for losing a match as quickly as possible. Losing an Iron Banner match can take between 2 and 4 minutes.

Although you have to join more Iron Banner matches for this, you will collect reputation points at a faster rate.

If you combine a highly desirable shader, an extremely inconvenient grind, and a solution to that grind whereby losing 2 matches quickly allows you more progress towards that shader than winning 1 match, you will get scenarios in which players are forming teams to intentionally lose every match that they enter.

Will Bungie change the loophole?

It is currently undetermined whether Bungie, the game’s developer, will change the loophole or not. If they intend to change it, they either have to make wins more attractive or losses less attractive.

Nevertheless, players can earn reputation points at a much faster rate for as long as the loophole is active.

If you are farming reputation points, you should follow the loss farm method, even if you have to do more matches. If you follow this method, you will earn rewards much faster.

How to begin your Iron Banner journey

When you first visit the Tower during an Iron Banner week, you might notice a new vendor called Lord Saladin. He is your main non-player-character for earning Iron Banner rewards.

You will get the Forging Iron quest if you speak to him,  which covers the basics of the event.

Destiny 2 players should keep in mind that this quest contains 6 steps and players have to complete all 6 steps to finish the quest.

Firstly, though, you have to complete a match of Iron Banner before completing a daily challenge. Next, you have to earn 300 reputation points in order to collect an Iron Banner Engram.

When you have completed Iron Banner matches while wearing at least one piece of Iron Banner armour, you can speak to Lord Saladin to complete the quest.

Iron Banner ranks

As previously stated, your Iron Banner rank is determined by the quantity of reputation points that you have collected. The table below lists the Iron Banner ranks, which are:

Rank Iron Banner Rank Requirement Iron Banner Requirement
Guardian I   50
Guardian II 50 75
Guardian III 125 125
Brave I 250 250
Brave II 500 450
Brave III 950 600
Heroic I 1550 375
Heroic II 1925 600
Heroic III 2525 825
Fabled I 3350 525
Fabled II 3875 775
Fabled III 4650 1050
Mythic I 5700 750
Mythic II 6450 1075
Mythic III 7525 1475
Legend 900 1000
Legend (max rank) 10 000 Reset available

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