Destiny 2: Gunnora’s Seal bugged

Destiny 2 players have revealed that Gunnora’s Seal is bugged, however, Bungie is aware of the issue and is currently investigating the bug.

Destiny 2 is a thrilling multiplayer first-person shooter game set in a mythic science fiction world. As the Guardian, you have to protect Earth’s last safe city by defeating different alien races.

There are numerous titles you can obtain in the game, one of which is The Iron Lord. To get this title, you have to complete Gunnora’s Seal, among other things, but many players have revealed that it is bugged.

Video game bugs

Problems in video games are referred to as bugs or glitches, and these are software errors that cause drastic problems in the game’s code. These errors tend to go unnoticed or unsolved in the production of the software.

The bugs can be caused by the game, or otherwise exploited until the developer repairs them with patches. There are numerous bugs in video games, namely, sound glitches, texture glitches, and physical glitches.

That being said, graphical glitches are typical in platforming games, where malformed textures can affect gameplay.

Destiny 2: Gunnora’s Seal bugged

The Iron Lord is considered one of Destiny 2’s most difficult titles to earn, due to the time constraint of earning it. There are several tasks to complete before you can acquire the title.

Players have to work their way through Jolder’s Victory, Gunnora’s Seal, Orimund’s Taste, Orewing’s Spirit, Frostmire’s Will, Crimil’s Dedication, and Jorun’s Howl.

Destiny 2: Gunnora’s Seal bugged
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As if the allocated time to earn this title is not overwhelming enough, players are now experiencing bugs. In order to complete Gunnora’s Seal, players must get 15 pieces of unique Iron Banner armour.

However, if you did not play Iron Banner in previous seasons, it will be impossible to finish this Triumph.

To procure the armour, players have to complete Iron Banner games and redeem Iron Banner Engrams for a chance at getting the armour set.

However, many Destiny 2 players have revealed that they have collected several pieces of Iron Banner armour and none of them count towards the completion of the Gunnora’s Seal.

One player revealed that he has collected 13 of the 15 armour pieces since the previous season, but any additional armour pieces that he collects are not counting towards Gunnora’s Seal.

Another player stated that he has collected 4 new armour pieces since the season reset, but it does not count towards the Gunnora’s Seal progression.

On the official Destiny 2 help forums, Bungie announced that they are aware of the problem. They also stated that they are currently investigating the bug. It is currently unknown when Bungie will resolve the bug.

How will Bungie resolve the Gunnora’s Seal bug?

Many Destiny 2 players are hoping that Bungie will resolve the Gunnora’s Seal bug by allocating the armour that they have collected that did not count towards the Seal’s progression.

This will save players a lot of time, as they will not have to farm the armour pieces again. However, there is a possibility that Bungie will reset the Gunnora’s Seal progression entirely.

This means that you may have to farm the armour pieces again. Keep in mind that no official Bungie statement has been announced about how they will resolve the bug yet.

Iron Banner Game mode

In order to procure the armour pieces, you have to participate in the Iron Banner player-versus-player game mode. Bungie recently added a new entry to the mode: Fortress, which functions like a regular Control.

While players used to lock in 3 zones simultaneously to gain bonus points with kills, Fortress throws in a central zone after players reach a specific threshold. Once the threshold has been reached, all 3 zones disappear and a Cabal dropship appears in the central zone.

Players then have to fight each other to earn bonus points. Once the battle has concluded, you will get a chance at getting Iron Banner Engrams, which can be used to acquire armour pieces.

How to complete all Iron Lord tasks

There are several tasks that you have to complete to acquire the Iron Lord title. The table below lists each task and what you have to do to complete it:

Task How to complete the task
Jolder’s Victory Players have to win matches in the Iron Banner playlist across all events and seasons
Gunnora’s Seal You have to get 15 unique Iron Banner armour pieces
Orimund’s Taste Players have to acquire Iron Banner weapons
Orewing’s Spirit You can earn points by completing objectives in Iron Banner playlist modes
Frostmire’s Will In order to complete this task, you have to complete Iron Banner challenges
Crimil’s Dedication Players have to reset their Iron Banner rank
Jorun’s Howl You have to complete Iron Banner matches wearing at least 1 piece of Iron Banner armour

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