Destiny 2: Guardian Games Neptune Activities

Destiny 2 players can complete the Cloudrunning Triumph during the Guardian Games and it requires that you complete activities on Neptune.

In this adventurous video game, Destiny 2, players can assume the role of an immortal warrior to protect the survivors of the human race from an intergalactic threat.

In addition to following the game’s main storyline, there are several activities that you can enjoy like the Guardian Games. One of the objectives of the Guardian Games is to complete an activity on Neptune.

Guardian Games

The Guardian Games in Destiny 2 pits Hunters, Warlocks and Titans against each other to determine which class group can deposit the most medallions. This event commenced on Tuesday, 2 May 2023 and it will conclude on Tuesday, 23 May 2023.

During this time, players have to earn Medallions by completing activities while wearing a Guardian Games class item.

Additionally, you can purchase Contender and Platinum Cards to earn Medallions. These cards function like bounties, as they have random objectives from various activities.

In order to participate in this event, you have to speak to Eva Levante, who is in The Tower. After completing her quests, you will receive the Guardian Games class item.

Destiny 2: Guardian Games Neptune Activities

During Guardian Games 2023,there are several activities that you can complete to earn rewards, including a new title.

To obtain the Champ title, you have to complete 16 of the 20 available tasks during the event. One of these tasks is Cloudrunning Triumph, which requires players to complete activities on Neptune.

This includes all activities on Neptune, however, the best activities include Public Events, Lost Sectors, Time Trials and Partition Activities.

Unfortunately, there is no specific list of activities that you have to complete. On the contrary, players are completely free to do any activity they want to do, as many times as they want to.

After completing an activity on Neptune, you will receive a percentage of completion, which adds up to the progression bar of the Triumph.

So players can complete any activity, but we recommend that you complete Public Events, Lost Sectors, Time Trials and Partition Activities.

The smaller activities will fail to add significant progress to the Cloudrunning Triumph bar. That being said, you can also enjoy farming patrols and Terminal Override to complete the activity.

Unlike most destinations in Destiny 2, Neptune’s Lost Sectors are quite long and contain several enemies that you have to vanquish. Therefore, most players will not complete the Lost Sectors activity for the Triumph.

Terminal Override is allegedly faster to complete if you find an instance that is facing the final boss. Players can simply load into the current Terminal Override zone to see if it is at the T3 stage.

If it is, you can destroy the boss. If it is not at T3, you have to farm patrols while working through every Terminal override tier.

Destiny 2: Guardian Games Neptune Activities
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Cloudrunning Triumph Bug

Several Destiny 2 players report that the progress bar is not gaining progress after they have completed missions. To ensure that the activities count towards the Cloudrunning Triumph, you should open the reward chests, which can be found in your inventory.

That being said, the Terminal Overloads do not yield rewards and therefore, you should focus on other challenges on Neptune.

If opening the reward chests do not add progress to the challenge, we recommend that you submit an in-game ticket reporting the issue, and complete other activities.

What is the fastest way to complete the Cloudrunning Triumph?

Neptune features various activities that you can complete, however, some activities are more time consuming than others.

Since the Guardian Games activity is time sensitive, most Destiny 2 players want to complete the challenges as quickly as possible.

The fastest way to complete the Cloudrunning Triumph is by repeating the Headlong Time Trial, as it only takes 2 minutes to complete.

If you complete a trial, you will receive 11 percent progress, which means that you only need to complete 9 or 10 runs to complete the challenge.

Additional challenges

You have to complete 16 out of the available 20 tasks to win the Champ title. The table below lists additional challenges that you can complete:

Challenge Description
Pull some Strings Players have to defeat targets or assist teammates with Strand damage and abilities
In the Cards You have to complete Contender Cards and Platinum Cards
Good Games For this challenge, you have to defeat targets in Supremacy matches or Guardian Games
Up for the Challenge Players have to complete Guardian Games Ops Nightfalls
Classy Arsenal You have to vanquish targets with Guardian Game weapons

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