Destiny 2: Fly the Flag Bounty

Fly the Flag is one of the weekly bounties that Destiny 2 players can enjoy to earn Glimmer, Bright Dust and experience points.

Destiny 2 is an online, multiplayer, first-person shooter video game that invites gamers to immerse themselves in a fictional world. As the Guardian of the world, you have to protect the planet’s last safe city from terrifying enemies.

In addition to following the main storyline, you can participate in several other activities in the game. One of these activities  is Fly the Flag Bounty.

Bounties in Destiny 2

Bounties are short challenges with specific objectives. Players can stack their bounties to gain additional experience points and to level their Season Pass. However, you can acquire Bright Dust, armor pieces and various weapons by completing some bounties.

In order to begin a bounty, you have to visit a vendor, but keep in mind that you have to purchase a bounty with 250 Glimmer. Most vendors have 5 bounties available, 2 of which are weekly bounties with a larger objective.

Players should note that daily bounties expire 24 hours after you have completed the purchase while weekly bounties only expire 7 days after the purchase.

For this reason, you should ensure that you have enough time to complete a bounty before purchasing it.

Destiny 2: Fly the Flag Bounty

One of the weekly bounties that you can complete is Fly the Flag. For this bounty, you have to equip your Guardian Games class item and complete 3 Crucible matches. Furthermore, you need to secure or deny crests in Supremacy matches.

In order to acquire your Guardian Games item, you have to speak to Eva Levante, who will be in the Tower. She will give you a new Guardian Games item, which is required to participate in the Guardian Games.

Destiny 2: Fly the Flag Bounty
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Completing tasks with this item equipped will earn you medallions, which is the currency that is used to push your class toward victory and earn yourself rewards.

Although the Guardian Games and Fly the Flag are separate activities, you need the Guardian Games item to participate in Fly the Flag. Once you have the Guardian Games item, you need to complete Crucible matches.

The Crucible is the player-versus-player game mode in Destiny 2. You therefore have to defeat other players to complete the bounty. This activity will sometimes reward players after matches, regardless of their rank after the match.

According to Fly the Flag’s description, you do not need to reach a specific rank in the Crucible to complete the bounty, However, you need to secure or deny crests in Supremacy matches.

Supremacy matches put teams of 6 class-coordinated Guardians against one another and tasks them with collecting crests from downed opponents to accumulate points.

Allegedly, the most difficult part of Fly the Flag is denying or securing crests in Supremacy matches.

Supremacy matches issue

On a Reddit Forum, several players have expressed their thoughts on the Fly the Flag bounty. One player said that he secured 16 crests and recovered 6, but he only made 4 percent progress towards the crest section of Fly the Flag.

Players allegedly have to deny or secure 300 crests to complete the bounty. This makes it nearly impossible to complete as the bounty is only active for 7 days.

However, on Thursday, 4 May 2023, Bungie, Destiny 2’s developer, announced that they have reduced the number of crest pickups required in Supremacy for the Fly the Flag weekly bounty.

Furthermore, Supremacy now properly displays all matchmaking option descriptions.

How to track Fly the Flag

It is essential that players track their bounty progress to ensure they complete the activity within 7 days. Your bounties will be in the “Pursuits” tab, in which you can see how many bounties you have active and how far you have progressed in the activities.

Players can simply summon their Ghost and scroll down with the thumb pad to look through all of their Bounties.

The bounties that you have made progress on, or acquired most recently, will appear at the top. This makes it easier to track the objectives that you are actively pursuing.


When you have completed Fly the Flag, you can go to Eva Levante to hand in the quest, and players will be rewarded with Bright Dust, experience points and Glimmer. The table below describes  each reward:

Reward Description
Bright Dust This Eververse currency can be used to purchase cosmetic items. Only 14 items are available for purchase weekly.
Glimmer Glimmer is the primary currency in Destiny 2 which is used to purchase bunties and various items from vendors. You can also use it to apply mods, upgrade weapons and armor.

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