Destiny 2: Fishing Spots

There are 3 fishing spots that you can enjoy in Destiny 2, however, these fishing spots are not always active and can change location.

Players can assume the role of a Guardian in this thrilling video game, Destiny 2. In addition to protecting Earth’s last safe city from enemies, you can also enjoy several game modes and activities.

One of these activities is fishing, but players can only catch fish in certain spots.

Destiny 2: Fishing Spots

Fishing can be a very enjoyable experience in Destiny 2 if you know where to find the fishing spots.

Fishing spots are the most confusing part of the activity, as the spots are not always available. Furthermore, fishing spots are known to change location.

Currently, there are 3 destinations in Destiny 2 that have fishing spots. Players can find fishing spots on the Outskirts of the EDZ, Miasma on the Throne World and in The Cistern on Nessus.

Destiny 2: Fishing Spots
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It is worth noting that these locations function similarly to public events, as the fishing spots periodically spawn and disappear after some time.

If you open your map, you will see an icon that indicates a fishing spot, however, it does not show the exact location of the fishing spot. We therefore recommend that you explore the area to locate a fishing spot.

On Nessus, you can find a fishing spot in the Radiolarian fluid in the Cistern, which is east of the Well of the Flame. For EDZ, players can find a fishing spot along the southern coast of the Outskirts and on the northern coast of Miasma.

How to start fishing

Before you can catch fish, you need to advance through the opening portion of the Season of the Deep questline. Players will acquire a quest from Hawthorne that requires you to go fishing.

If you go to one of the 3 fishing spots, you will see other players congregating on the makeshift dockets that only appear when the ponds are active.

Players can complete the quest when they have completed all its tasks. After completing the quest, you can catch fish whenever you feel like it.

How to catch a fish

To catch a fish, you need to be standing on the makeshift docks at one of the fishing spots. Gamers then have to hold their interact button to cast a line into the fishing spot.

When a fish bites, your lure will sink under the water and a pop-up message will appear.

You have to click on the Interact key again to reel in your catch. Ideally, you should click the interact key the moment the pop-up message appears to secure a perfect catch.

Do you need bait?

Although you do not need bait to enjoy fishing, this will increase the quality of the fish you catch. Destiny 2 players can acquire bait by completing various activities including patrols, public events and the Salvage and Deep Dive modes.

Keep in mind that you can hold a maximum of 500 bait in your inventory, which will automatically be used when you go fishing.

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