Destiny 2: Efficient Angler Bugged

Destiny 2 players have reported that they are experiencing a bug while trying to complete the seasonal challenge, Efficient Angler.

In this first-person shooter game, Destiny 2, you have to assume the role of a Guardian and protect Earth’s last city.

In addition to following the main questline, you can enjoy various activities, including fishing. However, several players have noticed that the Efficient Angler challenge is bugged.

Destiny 2: Efficient Angler Bugged

Destiny 2’s latest season, Season of the Deep, introduces several new activities, and players are now able to go fishing.

One of the seasonal bonuses that you can complete is Efficient Angler, in which you have to catch a fish while Focused Fishing is at its maximum.

Players will only complete the seasonal bonus if the bait returns to your inventory after you caught the fish.

However, some players have experienced a bug with this challenge as the game was not tracking the fish count and other details as it should.

Simply put, the game does not register it as complete, even if you caught a fish as required in the challenge description. Currently, there are no official announcements about this bug and therefore, there is no way to resolve it.

However, we recommend that you band together with other Destiny 2 players and fish at the same location. This will increase the fishing meter, meaning that you will get more chances to catch rare fish.

Destiny 2: Efficient Angler Bugged
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Possible solution

To fix and complete the Efficient Angler seasonal challenge, players must ensure that their Focused Fishing meter is at maximum and then wait for a fishing pond public event to spawn.

You should then fish at the next fishing pond in the instance. Keep in mind that this method may not solve the issue.

What is Focused Fishing?

Focused Fishing is a meter that appears on the left side of your screen while you are fishing in one of the 3 available fishing spots.

The meter’s gauge will increase as you fish, and it also increases if there are several other players fishing at the same location.

The higher your Focused Fishing meter is, the more likely you are to catch rare fish. Ideally, you want the Focused Fishing meter to be as high as possible to increase your chances of catching Legendary or Exotic fish.

When will the bug be resolved?

Unfortunately, Bungie is yet to make an official announcement about the Efficient Angler seasonal challenge. Therefore it is undetermined when the bug will be resolved.

If you are experiencing the bug, we recommend that you submit a ticket to alert Bungie about the problem.

Destiny 2 players expect Bungie to resolve the Efficient Angler bug within the next few days. However, it may only be fixed with the next update.

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