Destiny 2: Deep Dive Tier 3

To gain Deep Dive’s tier 3 rewards in Destiny 2, you have to complete a specific mechanic within the time limit.

In Destiny 2, you can assume the role of an immortal warrior to protect the survivors of the human race from an intergalactic threat.

In addition to following the main arc, there are various enjoyable activities, such as Deep Dive, in Destiny 2. To obtain Tier 3 rewards for this activity, you have to follow a certain mechanic.

Destiny 2: Deep Dive Tier 3

Deep Dive is a new seasonal mission that was introduced with Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep. It offers quick and challenging matchmade activities for up to 3 players.

Like other activities in the game, Deep Dive has a mechanic that players should use if they want to unlock Tier 3 rewards.

To unlock tier 3 rewards, load into Deep Dive, select one of Ahsa’s blessings and head into the Sonar Station.

In the next room, players must look for a small Toland Light, which can be found either in the middle, or in the left or right corner of the room’s entrance.

Everyone in your party must interacts with the Toland light during the pressure trial. After you interact with a Toland, a mini event will appear, during which you have to complete certain tasks.

Usually, players have to destroy blights or stand in lights to complete the mini event. You can find 2 blights in the main room and the remaining blights will be in the back area.

Keep in mind that you have to complete the mini event before completing the enemy encounter.

When your team has destroyed all the Taken Blights, Xivu Arath will yell at you and “Darkness Invoked” will appear on your screen. This indicates that you can claim tier 3 rewards once you have defeated the boss.

Destiny 2: Deep Dive Tier 3
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Deep Dive’s final boss

In order to claim your tier 3 rewards, you must vanquish a Fallen Servitor. Although the battle is straightforward, it contains 3 phases.

When you drain the health of the boss in every phase, players will be teleported to another location, where you have to defeat mini Servitors to make the boss vulnerable.

Repeat this process until the boss’ entire health bar has depleted. Only then can you receive tier 3 rewards.

Time limit

Some players have revealed that they did not receive tier 3 rewards, even though they followed the specific mechanic.

This could be due to the time limit on the encounter. You only have a few minutes to defeat all the enemies to receive the tier 3 rewards.

If you do not destroy the enemies within the time limit, you will not receive rewards. Destiny 2 players should thus ensure that their character is strong enough to defeat the enemies quickly.

Tier 3 rewards

When you have defeated the enemies and the boss, you can loot the 2 chests at the end of the Twilight Deep. The chests can contain new seasonal weapons, red borders and world loot.

However you could also acquire reputation as well as Deep Dive and Salvage Keys.

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