Destiny 2: Bladed Path Step 24

To complete step 24 of Destiny 2’s Bladed Path, you have to attune with the Hive elemental runes in the Lost Sectors of Savathun’s throne world.

Destiny 2 is set in a massive galaxy which continuously grows with new seasons, expansions and events.

To advance in the game, you have to complete many quests, one of which is the Bladed Path. This quest comprises different steps, but several players are struggling to complete step 24.

Destiny 2: Bladed Path Step 24

To progress in Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch, players must progress through the Heart of the Bladed Path quest. This quest runs over several weeks and in every week, a certain number of steps are released for gamers to complete.

Currently, 28 steps have been released, however, some players are struggling to complete step 24 of the seasonal quest.

To complete this quest, you have to seek out the Hive elemental runes, which are hidden in the Lost Sectors of Savathun’s Throne World.

Once you have found the elemental runes, you have to harness the arcane power within. When you have completed this activity, you have completed step 24 of the Heart of the Bladed Path quest and you can progress to step 25.

Destiny 2: Bladed Path Step 24
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Additional steps

Once you have completed step 24, you still have to complete 4 steps to catch up to the season. The table below lists each step and its objective:

Step Objective
25 You have to visit Iroka in The Plunge, which is in the Dive Tank.
26 Players must visit the Holoprojector in the H.E.L.M to complete the step.
27 You have to visit the radio in the H.E.L.M to listen to a message.
28 Eris morn will contact you when she has need of your tithes. Until then, continue to build your power and unravel secrets of the Hive.

Will there be additional steps?

At the end of step 28, it is revealed that you have to increase your character’s capabilities and unravel the secrets of the Hive while you wait for the next Season of the Witch weekly quest step for this quest.

It can therefore be assumed that additional steps will be released as the season progresses.

How to begin The Bladed Path questline

If you have not started the Bladed Path questline, do not fret, as it will remain in the game for some time. Seasonal quests are generally still available to complete even after the season has concluded.

Destiny 2‘s Season of the Witch will conclude on Tuesday, 28 November 2023. Therefore you still have some time to complete the steps.

To begin the quest, complete the Way of the Witch mission, reveal the secrets of the hive by completing Savathun’s Spire, investigate the portal in the southern wing of the H.E.L.M and speak with Eris Morn in the Athenaeum.

You also have to visit the Lectern of Divination and the Ritual Table.

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