Dark Eden M on WEMIX reveals class details ahead of launch

Dark Eden M on WEMIX’s developer, Wemade Connect, is teasing players and building excitement by releasing character information.

Dark Eden M on WEMIX is a brand-new mobile game produced by Wemade Connect. Reportedly, the game will feature 2 different types of classes, and you will be able to choose one of them. The vampires are on a quest to free themselves from the curse of the light.

While the slayers are hunting down the vampire race to protect humanity. In January 2022 the developer announced that pre-registration is officially open.

With this, the developer is building excitement and creating awareness for the game in various countries. It is alleged that you will receive various rewards once you have pre-registered for the game.

You will receive a rare transform trial ticket, a rare pet trial ticket and a novice travel pack, among others. Please note that you can only claim these rewards once the game has officially been launched.

The developer is teasing players by revealing some details about the gameplay. In February 2022, it announced that each race will have 4 types of classes. The slayer class consists of Assault, Titan, Valkyrie and a Chaser. While the vampires include Darkeye, Demonica, Occultist and Blood Walkers.

The Assault has great faith in their swordsmanship, as they are full of confidence due to militant personalities in their blood. It is alleged that their defence equipment reflects their confidence, as they tend to focus more on enhancing their physical performance rather than the original purpose of defence.

The Chaser is described as a “human-weapon”, who has obtained an unimaginable amount of training with only hatred towards vampires. They are always well prepared for battle and can deal with the most equipment or tactical weapons.

Bloodwalkers, on the other hand, belong to the Bathory family, which prospered most splendidly among all the vampire races. They wear comfortable apparels that seem to reflect the taste in appearance. As the name suggests, Bloodwalkers like and worship human blood more than any other vampire.

As for the Darkeye, they are more interested in battles than they are in humans and their thirst for blood. They enjoy tormenting others for their pleasure. Moreover, they are very impulsive and unexpected.

Darkeye’s usually wear traditional vampire garments, but they also unconventionally choose to wear highly exposed clothing.

Unfortunately, Wemade Connect has yet to reveal more information about the other classes. Moreover, players are waiting on the edge of their seats for the official launch date. You can pre-register online to receive the latest news and updates.

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