CRK: Skirmish Raid Team

CRK players have to prepare 3 different teams for the Skirmish Raid mode, which requires you to defeat 3 unique versions of a Raid Boss.

On Wednesday, 7 February 2024 Devsisters released update 5.1, also referred to as Theater of Lies update, for Cookie Run: Kingdom (CRK).

This update not only introduced the Mercurial Knight’s Oath cookie, but it also added the Skirmish Raid to the game.

In the Skirmish Raid, you have to destroy the Raid Boss as quickly as possible with your Cookie teams by exploiting their weaknesses and avoiding attacks. To enjoy this new game mode, you have to clear stage 8-30 in World Exploration: Crispia.

The first season of the mode, Circus of Shadows, commenced on Wednesday, 7 February 2024 and will conclude on Wednesday, 27 March 2024.

Since this is a new game mode, players are struggling to decide which Cookies they want to use to defeat the Raid Boss.

CRK: Skirmish Raid Team
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That being said, you have to prepare 3 different Cookie teams to battle a boss. During the battle, you can battle the boss with your Cookies normally, however, you can switch between teams at any given time.

Keep in mind though that switching teams has a 20-second cooldown. Although the game mode suggests that you prepare 3 different teams, 2 teams will generally be able to deal enough damage to vanquish the boss.

We therefore recommend that you always prepare 2 different teams before attempting the Skirmish Raid. It can be difficult to formulate a team, especially since there is a variety of Cookies to choose from.

Free-to-play recommended teams

If you are not willing to spend real money in CRK, the chances are very high that you will not have one of the pay-to-play Cookies in your collection.

The following table lists 3 free-to-play teams that you can use for the Skirmish Raid:

Team number Phase Cookies
1 Welcoming Ringmaster
  • Milky Way/ Space Donut: Requires ATK and Cooldown toppings with DMG Resist substats
  • Rebel / Kouign Amann: Players must supply these Cookies with Crit, ATK and Cooldown with DMG Resist substats
  • Captain Caviar: Needs ATK and Cooldown with a magic candy of at least level 10
  • Linzer: Requires full cooldown
  • Parfait: Full cooldown with a magic candy of at least level 10
2 Ringmaster of Shadow
  • Financer: Full DMG Resists with a magic candy of at least level 10
  • Madaleine: Requires ATK, SPD with a magic candy of at least level 10
  • Tarte Tatin: Full ATK with DMG Resist substats
  • Creme Brulee: Requires ATK/CRIT with DMG Resist substats
  • Cream Puff: Full Crit, but if her magic candy is at level 30, you can combine cooldown
3 Hollow Ringmaster
  • Mercurial Knight: Full DMG Resist or Full ATK with DMG Resist substats
  • White Lily: Full Cooldown
  • Blackberry: Full Cooldown
  • Oyster: Full Cooldown as she is useful for increasing CRIT percentage
  • Silverbell: Full Cooldown


When you have selected your Cookies in CRK, you have to select their Treasures. In order to be successful in the raid with the mentioned Cookies, you should choose the following Treasures:

Team number Phase Treasures
1 Welcoming Ringmaster
  • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll
  • Dream Conductor’s Whistle
  • Sleepyhead’s Jelly Watch
2 Ringmaster of Shadow
  • Librarian’s Enchanted Robes
  • Dream Conductor’s Whistle
  • Sleepyhead’s Jelly Watch
3 Hollow Ringmaster
  • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll
  • Dream Conductor’s Whistle
  • Sleepyhead’s Jelly Watch


For the Skirmisher Raid, we recommend that you turn off auto-battle as some of the skills have to be used at a certain point.

For instance, you should only use Linzer when she reaches max stacks, which means that you should activate her abilities when she reaches 7 stacks.

During the battles, you may have to Pick-A-Card to continue the battle, but keep in mind that you only get a specific amount of time to choose a card.

If you select the correct card, you will dodge the boss’ abilities, which reduces the risk of your team dying.

It is noteworthy that the boss switches between different phases, which means that you also have to switch between your teams to defeat the enemy.

Action button

When the Ringmaster boss uses any of its skills, you have to select the correct Action button which appears on the screen quickly to avoid taking damage.

The action button that you have to select will be displayed on your screen and it is crucial that you choose the correct option:

Action Option
Pick-A-Card Front right square (2nd option)
Hammer Slam Back rectangle (3rd option)
Puppet Show Plus-shaped formation (4th option)
Shadow Clutches Left rectangle (1st option)

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