CRK: Silverbell Toppings

The perfect Topping for Silverbell in CRK is Swift Chocolate, as it decreases his cooldown, however, you can also equip him with Solid Almonds.

There is a variety of Cookies you can collect as you advance in Cookie Run: Kingdom and they will help you complete levels by defeating enemies.

In order to enhance your Cookies’ capabilities, you have to equip them with a range of Toppings.

One of the Cookies you can procure in CRK is Silverbell, and he is a Silver Tree Knight who dedicates his life to the Faerie Kingdom.

Since there are various Toppings available, players struggling to decide which Toppings they should equip Silverbell with.

CRK: Silverbell Toppings
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Before deciding which Toppings you should apply to Silverbell, you have to consider his special ability. This will give you an idea of what he needs to excel in the game.

His skill, Gleeful Chime, reveals that Silverbell flowers bloom, which periodically heals his allies while providing them with a Damage Resist buff.

Healing targets will also receive bonus healing, based on the number of buffs they have at the time. Enemies will receive damage and gain the Silverbell Pollen Debuff, which deals damage over time.

When its duration is over, it will cause area damage and turn the targets in range.

The best Topping for Silverbell Cookie is therefore 5 Swift Chocolate Sprinkles, as this decreases the skill cooldown. This enables Silverbell to cast the ability quicker during the battle, which will make destroying your enemies much easier.

If you want to make Silverbell Cookie more tanky, you can apply the Almond Toppings to him to increase his Damage Resistance.

Toppings description

It is crucial to remember that every Topping in CRK has different effects and therefore provides unique bonuses to your Cookies. The table below lists the recommended Toppings for Silverbell:

Name Description
Swift Chocolate Decreases the Cookie’s cooldown by 5 percent. Players must  equip Silverbell with 5 Swift Chocolates to activate the bonus.
Solid Almond Increases the Cookie’s Damage Resistance by 5 percent. Silverbell has to be equipped with 5 Solid Almonds to receive the bonus.

How to procure Toppings

Toppings are essentially the equipment system in CKR as they give your Cookies additional statistics and effects.

Unfortunately, players are not given Toppings, which indicates that you have to complete specific activities to earn them.

You can farm Toppings by completing the Balloon Expeditions, but you can also earn Toppings by completing levels.

Players should remember that more difficult levels and higher tiers of the Balloon Expeditions reward better Toppings.

If you are interested in a specific Topping, such as Solid Almond or Swift Chocolate, you can look at the levels that you have access to and complete those repeatedly until you earn the toppings that you need.

Silverbell’s team composition

Before you can enter a node, you have to create a team of Cookies that you want to use to defeat the opponents.

It is believed that any composition with 2 front with charge or defense and 2 mid with ambush or magic will be the best team for Silverbell.

Several players place Silverbell with Pitaya Dragon Cookie and Wildberry Cookie in the front line, while Black Pearl Cookie and Frost Cookie take the mid lane.

That being said, you can use any Cookies that specialize in charge or defense as well as in ambush or magic.

We therefore recommend that you consider the Cookies in your collection while you are in the team creation menu.

How to acquire Silverbell

In order to expand your Cookie collection in CRK, you have to open the in-game gacha menu.

In this menu, you will find the “Special: Featured Cookie” tab on the left side of your screen. If you select this tab, you will be able to summon Silverbell Cookie.

It is worth noting that 1 draw costs 300 Crystals, however, there is no guarantee that you will draw Silverbell.

That being said, your chances of drawing Silverbell are 1.440 percent, which is much higher than your chances of drawing White Lily Cookie.

There is also a chance that players could drawing Silverbell Cookie’s Soulstone and once you have collected enough Soulstones, you can add Silverbell to your Cookie collection.

Since drawing a Cookie in the gacha system requires Crystals, you may have to purchase additional Crystals with real money in order to acquire Silverbell.

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