Counter Side: Mentor

The Mentor system in Counter: Side allows players to complete quests to earn incredible rewards, but you can only become a Mentee if you are below level 25.

In this role-playing mobile game, Counter: Side, players are invited to put their tactical abilities to the test. The game is set in a futuristic world, where you can take on the role of head of Kefen. It is now your responsibility to assign Counters and defeat horrific enemies to restore peace to mankind.

It is worth noting that this is a multiplayer game, which means that players have the opportunity to enjoy the in-game activities and events with their friends.

To participate in these aspects, you first have to acquire units, also called Employees. You can create a formation, which generally consists of 8 Employees and 1 ship, before each battle.

What activities can players enjoy?

The game features various activities and events for players to participate in. Allegedly, these activities ensure that players stay interested and engaged in the game. The Operation section of the game contains several sub-categories, which are all features you can partake in.

Players can complete Simulation stages to get essential materials needed for growth and you can participate in the Supply Operation to increase your company’s success.

The Counter Cases enable players to explore their Employees’ background files and they allegedly earn great rewards at the end of each case.

You will notice that some activities are initially locked, however, you gain access to them once you have met the requirements to do so.

Counter Side: Mentor

Counter: Side is a multiplayer mobile game, and the developers have created an activity focused on this feature. You can now enjoy the mentor system, which links you to an experienced, or veteran player that will mentor you.

It is noteworthy that only companies at level 25 or below can have a Mentor. This means that players on level 26 and higher cannot participate in this activity.

Once you have a Mentor, both you and your Mentor will receive great rewards when you have completed all the allotted missions.

Your Mentor can remove you from their Mentee list if you have not been online for 3 consecutive days. If you are dismissed by your Mentor and you are on Company level 26 or above, you will not be able to apply for another Mentor or receive rewards.

It is advised that you do not level up your account too soon, as you might miss this great opportunity. To add a Mentor, you can head to the Global section of the game, and select “Partners.” Here, you will find different sub-categories, one of which is “Mentee.”

Counter Side: Mentor

In this menu you can add a Mentor, luckily, there will be a few other players in the recommended list. Alternatively, you can add a partner’s business registration number or administrator code to add them as your Mentor.

When you have added a Mentor, you can complete several quests to earn incredible rewards. Keep in mind that the Mentor system resets every month, but you might only be a Mentee once.

Mentor system rewards

Players should note that rewards differ for Mentees and Mentors. Mentees allegedly earn a Super Supreme Rare card, which allows them to recruit an extremely powerful Employee for free. Mentors, on the other hand, receive rewards based on the number of Mentees they have.

The rewards are as follows:

Number of Mentees Rewards
1 5 Blue Tickets
3 200 Quartz
5 2 Fusion Core
7 50 Golden Binary
10 500 Quartz

Mentee quests

As previously mentioned, Mentees have to complete several missions and quests to get the SSR card. Keep in mind that you have approximately a month to complete these tasks, which should be more than enough time. You have to complete 8 missions, which may include:

  • Participating in a raid 5 times
  • Performing in Dispatch missions for 50 hours
  • Reaching company level 15
  • Consuming 5 000 000 Credits
  • Consuming 1 000 000 Eternium

You also receive smaller rewards for every Mentee Mission you complete. These items can allegedly be quite beneficial to your gameplay.

Can you level up once you have a Mentor?

Players on level 26 and higher cannot be Mentees. Instead, they have to become Mentors. That being said, if you added a Mentor when you were below level 26, you will still get your SSR card if you level up past level 25.

You do not have to end your level progress if you have added a Mentor.

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