Cookie Run Kingdom: Sky Garden

The Sky Garden in Cooking Run: Kingdom allows players to store some of their landmarks while preserving their abilities.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a thrilling action role-playing video game that invites gamers to build their own kingdom. This game is the sixth instalment of the Cookie Run franchise, and as such, you are likely to encounter similar mechanics and gameplay throughout the series.

Since Cookie Run Kingdom is a city-building simulator, players can build their own Cookie Kingdom using an array of decor items and landmarks. The game has numerous landmarks that you can place in your kingdom, but they take up a lot of space. Fortunately, you can now store some landmarks in the Sky Garden.


Landmarks are unique decor items that usually grant players passive statistic boosts, or continuously-generated valuable items. Keep in mind that landmarks hold high decor point values, and generally allow Cookies to interact with them.

Gamers can upgrade their landmarks to amplify their stat buffs or decrease the time required to generate their given items. It is noteworthy that you have to get specific materials to upgrade a landmark. Aurora Materials are the most common materials needed to upgrade landmarks in your kingdom.

The quantity of Aurora Materials you need to upgrade a landmark increases as its level rises. The higher the level, the more materials you need.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Sky Garden

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s developer, Devsisters, occasionally introduces new content, activities, and items to the game. They recently added the Sky Garden, which allows you to place your landmarks on floating islands.

To gain access to the Sky Garden, your kingdom has to be on level 5, and you have to complete the Lively Kingdom and Build the Sky Garden quests. Players can find the quests on the right side of the menu. Quests are generally indicated by a red exclamation mark.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Sky Garden
© Devsisters

After the cut scene, the first quest will be completed, and you be rewarded. The next quest, Build a Sky Garden, begins shortly after the first. Players can then build their Sky Garden next to the Tower of Records.

You should bear in mind that to build the new feature, you need an Aurora Pillar and an Aurora Brick. Once you have constructed the new feature, you can complete the quest and earn your rewards. The game will then instruct you to click on the Sky Garden to view its features.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Sky Garden
© Devsisters

In the new menu, you will see 3 unlocked floating islands and multiple locked islands. The Sky Garden enables you to store your landmarks on the floating islands. It is recommended that you choose landmarks that take up a lot of space in your kingdom.

It is crucial to note that since you can customise your kingdom, the landmarks you have inside your kingdom can vary from other players. This means that the landmarks you store in the Sky Garden can also differ from other Cookie Run players.

To store a landmark, click on one of the available islands in the Sky Garden. All your landmarks will be listed in the pop-up menu, and you simply have to click on the landmark that you want to store to allocate it to the island.

Do the landmarks stored in the Sky Garden lose their abilities?

As previously mentioned, the landmarks in Cookie Run: Kingdom offer players boosts and benefits. You should note that you can still receive the buffs or items that the landmarks offer, even if they are stored in the Sky Garden.

Once the landmarks finish producing their items in the garden, you can collect them by selecting the Sky Garden in your kingdom.

How to unlock additional islands

After building the Sky Garden, players will only have access to 3 floating islands, and thus, you can only store 3 landmarks. Fortunately, you can purchase additional islands, some of which are:

Quantity of extra islands Cost
  • 1 Aurora Pillar
  • 100 000 gold
  • 1 Aurora Brick
  • 104 600 gold
  • 1 Aurora Compass
  • 109 400 gold
  • 1 Aurora Pillar
  • 114 400 gold
  • 1 Aurora Brick
  • 119 600 gold
  • 1 Aurora Compass
  • 125 100 gold
  • 2 Aurora Pillar
  • 130 800 gold
  • 2 Aurora Brick
  • 136 800 gold
  • 2 Aurora Compass
  • 143 100 gold
  • 2 Aurora Pillar
  • 149 600 gold

Quests related to the Sky Garden

In addition to the Build the Sky Garden quest, players have to complete the Lively Kingdom quest. To complete it, place 5 landmarks on the floating islands in the Sky Garden. You will earn 15 000 Kingdom experience points, 10 000 gold, and 500 crystals if you complete the quest.

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