Clash Royale: Rare emotes

There are several factors that determine if an emote is rare or not in Clash Royale, including its obtainability, availability, and how difficult it is to get.


Clash Royale is a popular video game that allows players to enjoy real-time strategic battles. It combines the elements from collectible card games, multiplayer online battle arenas, and tower defence. Players  can enter battles that feature either 2 or 4 players. The objective of these battles is to destroy the most opposing towers.

When one team destroys the opposing team’s King’s Tower, they will instantly win the round. During a battle, players can communicate through emotes. Most emotes will play an animation and a sound effect when activated. Emotes can be sent while participating in a battle, spectating a battle, or in the clan chat.

Clash Royale: Rare emotes
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Different types of emotes

There are 2 main types of emotes in the game, namely, exclusive and regular emotes. The only visual difference between them is that exclusive emotes have a legendary border around them. Exclusive emotes are only available for a limited time, and they can never be acquired again once the time has passed.

It is worth noting that there is a third type of emote, but it can only be accessed when you are participating in a battle. The third type appears as text bubbles and only feature basic pop-in animation with no sound effect. These emotes do not show an animation, instead, they display a line of text.

Clash Royale: Rare emotes

The game currently has more than 200 emotes that you can use while in battle. That being said, some emotes are quite common while others are rare. The following table outlines the 5 rarest emotes in the game and gives a description of each:

Emote name Description
Santa Ice Wizard and Santa Ice Spirit These 2 emotes were introduced in the holiday season of 2018. They are, allegedly, the only emotes with a Santa hat and could only be obtained during that period
Royal Ghost Gem This emote was rewarded to all players who earned the Legend Trophies. However, a 2018 update changed this feature, and removed the dual type of trophies from the game
CRL 2019 Goblin Players could only obtain this reward by getting 20 wins in the 2019 CRL Challenge
Trophy Goblin This emote, one of the most extraordinary emotes in the game, was given to players who linked their YouTube accounts to their Supercell identification and watched the CRL 2018 finals live
Champion Tournament King This emote first appeared in the 2020 Global Tournament, players who ranked in the top 100 of this tournament received it as a reward
Clash Royale: Rare emotes
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Can you still acquire these emotes?

Most of the rare emotes were only obtainable at a specific time for a specific period in the game, such as during certain events or tournaments. It is therefore believed that you cannot obtain it in the future.

Many players believe, though, that there will be similar versions of the rare emotes in future tournaments and rewards. Players should thus always try to claim the emotes while they are available, as they may become one of the rare emotes.

Which factors makes an emote rare?

Since “rare’’ is not an in-game category, there are certain features that have to be considered to decide how rare an emote is. The following table lists the factors and a description of each:

Factor Description
Hard-to-get Emotes that are not easy to obtain, meaning that 80 percent of players do not get them, which makes them the rarest of all
Obtainability Some emotes can only be obtained for 1 day or for a few hours, which makes them extremely rare
Availability The emotes which were or will only be available once in the game are seen as rare

How to obtain emotes

Players can acquire emotes by participating in events, tournaments, or by doing a specific task. Moreover, you can head to the in-game store to purchase additional emotes. Keep in mind that the shop does not always have emotes available for purchase, and you should regularly check the store to avoid missing them.

Alternatively, you can participate in special challenges to receive an emote as a reward for reaching a certain number of wins. There are a few emotes that can only be acquired by reaching a specific number of Trophies on the Trophy Road.

Clash Royale: Rare emotes
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Final thoughts

Clash Royale is an exhilarating video game that allows players to enjoy real-time tactical battles. It combines elements from collectible card games, multiplayer online battle arenas, and tower defence. Players can enter battles that features either 2 or 4 players. The objective of battles is to destroy the most opposing towers.

The game has a variety of emotes that you can use to communicate while in battle. Keep in mind that some emotes are rarer than others, including the Royal Ghost Gem, the Champion Tournament King, and the Trophy Goblin, among others. Unfortunately, players cannot acquire them as they were limited-time emotes.

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