Clash Royale: Miner

One of the cards you can acquire in Clash Royale is the Miner, who can burrow his way underground and appear anywhere in the arena.


Clash Royale is an adventurous video game that allows players to put their strategic abilities to the test in real-time battles. It combines the elements of online battle arenas, tower defence, and card games. You can enter battles between either 4 or 2 players, with the objective of destroying the more opposing towers than your opponent.

If you or your team destroy the opposing team’s King’s Tower, you will instantly win the round and receive amazing rewards. It is noteworthy that you first have to assemble a team of cards, which are essentially your characters, before you can join battles.

What is the objective of cards?

The objective of cards is to progress in the game by winning battles. Players will not be able to enjoy the game without cards in their collection. Every card features unique talents and abilities that can have a substantial impact on your gameplay.

It is your responsibility to know which skills every card has, and to simultaneously know when the perfect time is to use them in battle. It can thus be said that you need your cards to play the game, since you will not be able to participate in any events or complete quests in the game if you do not have cards.

Clash Royale: Miner

One of the cards you can acquire in the game is the Miner. His special ability, called Explosive Escape, allows him to burrow his way underground and appear anywhere in the arena. It costs approximately 2 Elixirs to use this ability.

Additionally, he has a drill that works very similarly to the Inferno Dragon’s fire beam. It will build up over time, making him extremely strong against units that feature a lot of health and many towers.

This card is unlocked from the P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse or from a Legendary Chest. Keep in mind that he is a single-target, melee troop unit that features both moderate hit points and damage. Furthermore, he can be placed anywhere in the arena. The Miner is currently the tankiest champion in the game.

This card costs approximately 3 Elixirs to deploy. The Miner wears a grey helmet with a melted candle on top of it. Moreover, he carries a shover and has a slightly dirty face with a reddish nose.

clash royale miner
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What is an Elixir?

An Elixir is used to place cards on the battlefield. All players start the battle with 5 Elixirs, but they can hold up to 10 Elixirs in a battle. Once 2 minutes have passed on the battlefield, each player will receive another Elixir, while Elixir production is doubled for the rest of the battle.

Elixir is produced gradually throughout the battle at a rate of 1 Elixir every 2.4 seconds, but every 1.4 seconds during Double Elixir time. Keep in mind that in the 2-versus-2 gaming mode, Elixir is produced 15 percent slower, to compensate for the number of cards that are otherwise played.

Deck recommendation

As mentioned above, you need to create teams or decks, comprising a variety of cards to be successful in battles. You can use any cards with the Miner, however, some cards perform better with him than others.

The following table lists some of the cards you can use in a deck with the Miner, with a description of each:

Card Description


She is a powerful melee fighter that can deal damage around her. Valkyrie can take out enemies with just a few spins.


This card can deal damage as he charges to enemies.

Spear Goblins

These three unarmoured ranged attackers deal massive amounts of damage from a distance.


This card spawns a handful of flying creatures that can deal damage to enemies.

Mega Knight

He jumps from one enemy to the next while dealing huge area of effect damage.

Strategies for the Miner

Though you can use the Miner in any way, there are certain strategies you should follow to increase your chances of success. It is believed that mixing up your placements is crucial when using the Miner on the battlefield, because if you can catch your opponent by surprise when using him, you can avoid single target troops, like the Mega Knight.

Players can use the Miner to get rid of glass cannons placed at the back of the arena. It is advised that you first target either The Princess or the Dart Goblin when you have him in your deck.

Final thoughts

Players can put their strategic abilities to the test in this imaginative video game, Clash Royale. It combines the elements of card games, tower defence, and battle arenas. Before you can participate in a battle, you have to assemble a deck of different cards, otherwise known as characters.

One of the cards you can use is the Miner, who has the ability to burrow his way underneath the ground to appear anywhere in the arena. He is allegedly one of the best and tankiest characters in the game. Although he can be used in any deck, it is advisable that you use him with Mega Knight, Prince, Bats, and Spear Goblins, amongst others.

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