Clash Royale: Full chest slots

Players can participate in battles and advance in Clash Royale even if their chest slots are full, but they will not receive another chest until a slot opens.


Clash Royale is an exhilarating video game that invites players to enjoy real-time strategic battles. It combines the elements of tower defence, online battle arenas, and card games. In the game, you can enter battles between either 2 or 4 players. The objective of these battles is to destroy the most opposing towers.

If a team destroys the opposing team’s King’s Tower, they will instantly win the round. The winning team receives great rewards which include chests, gear, items, and materials, amongst others. These rewards can have a significant impact on your gameplay, and for this reason you should always try to win battles against other players.

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What are chests?

Chests generally contain gold, gems, cards, and wild cards, all of which are useful in your gameplay. It is noteworthy that chests won in battle must be unlocked with a chest key, or by waiting a specific period of time.

However, you can reduce this period of time with gems or a chest key. Every player in the game has 4 chest slots, which means that they can only have 4 chests waiting to open at a time. You can still participate in a battle if your slots are full, but no chests can be won.

Clash Royale: Full chest slots

The chest slots can fill up quite quickly, especially if you win many battles. As previously mentioned, you can still participate in battles and progress in the game if your chest slots are full, but you will not be able to receive any additional chests as a reward until a slot is opened.

You will still receive valuable items and gold as rewards for advancing in the game, your chest cycle will simply pause when your slots are full. As such, it can be said that battling with no open chest slots does not have any real drawbacks, since you can still receive other rewards.

Most players use full chest slots to their advantage, as they can push to a higher arena, or drop to a lower arena before a big chest to have an increased chance at acquiring specific cards. It is thus not necessary that you wait until a chest slot opens up before continuing the game, as you can use this pause to your own advantage.

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What is the chest cycle?

Players should note that the chests they receive in battles are not randomly generated. In fact, there is a hidden list by which the game determines which chest to give you. The chest cycle only begins after you have received all 4 Wooden Chests from the tutorial, which means you will receive your first Silver Chest in the final tutorial battle.

Furthermore, the cycle will only commence when you have a chest slot empty. It will pause when all of your chest slots are filled and will continue when a slot opens. Once your chest cycle is complete, it will restart from the beginning.

Different types of chests

The chest cycle contains a variety of chests that you can obtain. The following table lists some of the chests you can receive and gives a description of each:

Chest Description

Crown chest

Unlocked from Past Royale after winning 5 or 10 crowns in various gaming modes except training camp, friendly battles, and private tournaments.

Silver chest

Silver chests are the most common chests won in battles. You are guaranteed to win a few common cards as well as a rare card if you are in Spell Valley.

Gold chest

They generally contain 2 or more rare cards, depending on your current arena.

Magical chest

There are only 4 Magical chests in the chest cycle, and they guarantee 2 or more epic cards.

Epic chest

Epic Chests are not part of the regular chest cycle, but they guarantee Epic cards.
silver chest clash royale
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Chest rarity

The game features 5 rarities, namely, common, rare, epic, legendary, and champion. Any chest from Bone Pit or higher, with the exceptions of Legendary Chests and Crates, can contain epic cards. Moreover, any chest from P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse or higher, except epic chests, war chests and crates, can contain a legendary card.

Final thoughts

Clash Royale is an adventurous video game that allows players to enjoy real-time tactical battles. It combines the elements of tower defence, online battle arenas, and card games. In the game, you can join battles that consist of either 4 or 2 players and the objective of these battles is to destroy the most opposing towers.

As you win battles, you will receive various rewards, including chests. These chests take a certain time to unlock, and every player can only have 4 chests at a time. You can continue participating in battles and advancing in the game, even if your chest slots are full.

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