Clash Royale: Crying emotes

There are numerous emotes in Clash Royale, including crying emotes, which can be used to communicate on the battlefield.

Gamers are invited to put their strategic abilities to the test in this tactical mobile game, Clash Royale. The game combines multiplayer online battle arenas with tower defence and collectible card game elements.

Since they are real-time strategic battles, you can play with 2 or 4 gamers. The goal of these battles is to destroy the most opposing towers to earn a reward.

When a team destroys the opposing team’s King’s Tower, they automatically win the round, so you should protect your tower at all costs.

During a battle, you can interact and communicate with other gamers through emotes. Generally, emotes play an animation and a sound effect when activated. There are different emotes you can collect in Clash Royale, one of which is the crying emote.


Emotes are essentially a form of expression that enable players to communicate during a battle. Players can send emotes while they are participating in the battle, when spectating a battle, or in the chat of a Clan by clicking the corresponding button.

The game has 2 categories of emotes, namely regular and exclusive. The only visual difference between the 2 is that exclusive emotes have a legendary border around them. These emotes are only available for a certain period of time and can never be acquired once the period has passed.

That being said, there are some regular emotes which are partially exclusive, but they lack a legendary border. However, they will not appear in the shop’s emote section until a certain time has passed.

Clash Royale: Crying emotes

Emotes can represent a range of emotions, including happy, loving, angry, sad, and crying. There are currently 5 crying emotes that players can use in Clash Royale, but you first have to collect an emote before you can use it.

Some of the crying emotes are no longer available, as they were exclusive emotes. The table below highlights how to obtain each crying emote:

Image Name How to acquire
Crying King All players can access this emote at no cost
Crying Skeleton This emote can be purchased from the in-game store for approximately 250 gems
Crying Log Players could acquire this emote in April 2019. It is no longer available for collection
Crying Royale ghost This exclusive emote was available for Pass Royale players in season 8
Dark Prince Crying Players could collect this emote by participating in a special challenge in season 12

Players can use these crying emotes by selecting the ellipsis speech bubble in the bottom left corner of the screen. In the pop-up menu, you will see the emote deck, and some text bubbles. You can activate an emote by clicking on it.

The emotes animation will play beside your team’s King’s Tower. You can also access your collection by selecting the white arrow on the right of your emote deck. If you have more than 16 emotes in your collection, you can scroll to the right to discover the rest of them.

Clash Royale: Crying emotes
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Can emotes be muted?

Although emotes are fun to use, they can be a distraction while fighting. Fortunately, you can mute emotes by selecting the general prohibition icon, which is situated on the left of your emote deck. You will not hear or see an emote once you have clicked on the prohibit icon.

Furthermore, you will not be able to send any emotes while the emotes are muted. While the mute function is active, the icon will change to a green checkmark, which will unmute the player and allow showing emotes.

Clan chat

To access your crying emotes in the clan chat, you have to click on the smiley face button, which you can find next to the text button. Bear in mind that your emote deck and text bubbles will not appear, instead, all emotes will appear in chronological order.

The oldest emotes in your collection will appear at the top and left, the newer ones will appear closer to the bottom and right. Clicking on an emote will send it to the chat for all clan members to see. They will hear the sound and see the animation of the emote if they are in the chat when it is sent.

Obtaining emotes

Players can use an array of emotes to express their feelings. From the beginning of the game, you have access to 5 King Emotes, but you can acquire additional emotes as you advance in the game.

There are numerous methods players can use to acquire new emotes, such as the in-game shop, occasional events, the trophy road and the pass royale. Bear in mind that the pass royale emotes can only be collected if you have paid for the subscription.

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