Clash Royale: Chests

In Clash Royale, players can earn a chest for defeating their opponent on the battleground, and these chests contain various rewards.

Clash Royale is an exciting mobile game that invites gamers to put their strategic abilities to the test in real-time battles. The game combines elements of tower defence and card games with online battle arenas. The objective of the game is to defeat more opposing towers than your opponent.

If you manage to destroy your opponent’s King’s Tower, you instantly win the round. The winning team wins great rewards, including chests, gear, items, materials and coins, which is an in-game currency. These rewards can influence your gameplay significantly, and as such, you should always attempt to win battles against other players.


Arenas are essentially battlegrounds that can be unlocked as your Trophy count increases. Every Arena in the game, except the Legendary Arena, rewards players with different rewards, including chests.

You will receive more gold and cards as your Arena level advances. Once a player reaches the next Arena, they cannot be demoted to a lower Arena. Bear in mind that the Legendary Arena’s style changes every season.

Clash Royale: Chests

Players can open chests to get numerous items, including Cards, Gold, Gems and Wild Cards. There are many methods you can use to acquire a chest, such as purchasing them with Gems and unlocking them as a prize from a Challenge or Tournament.

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Chests can also be earned by participating in the Clan War or by winning battles. Keep in mind that chests that are won in battle require a chest key to be unlocked. Alternatively, you can wait a certain period of time to unlock the chest.

The time can be reduced using Gems, or a hastened booster upon reaching a new Arena or League. Each player has 4 chest slots, which means that you can only have up to 4 chests waiting at a time. That being said, you can still participate in battles when your slots are full, but you will not receive another chest until one has been opened.

Chests allegedly always contain cards from the Arena that the player earned them in and below, and/or cards that the player has already unlocked. You can thus receive new cards every time you unlock a new Arena. However, this principle does not apply to Legendary Chests, as they can contain a Legendary card from any Arena.

Pass Royale players have the ability to queue chests. In other words, as you unlock a chest, you can set another to start unlocking immediately after the current chest finishes unlocking. The chest rewards are determined the moment the chest is opened. This means that you can save a chest and only unlock it at a higher arena to receive a new card.

Chest types

The game has more than 10 chests that you can earn. The table below lists some of the chests you can acquire in Clash Royale:

Chest type Description
Crown Chest It is unlocked from Pass Royale winning 5 or 10 crowns in a 1-versus-1 battle
Silver Chest These chests are the most common type of chests won through battles.
Magical Chest You are guaranteed 2 or more epic cards, depending on your Arena. You will also receive a few rare and common cards
Legendary Chest They contain one Legendary card from any Arena, which allows you to obtain cards in higher arenas

Chest cycle

It is worth noting that the chests you receive from winning battles are not random. Instead, there is a hidden schedule that the game follows to determine which chest to reward you with. The cycle begins when players have received all 4 Wooden chests from the tutorial.

Bear in mind that the cycle only advances if you have at least one slot empty. You must have a chest slot open in order to get the next chest and advance in the chest cycle. Once you reach the end of the cycle, it restarts from the beginning.

How long does it take to unlock chests?

As previously mentioned, chests can be unlocked with a chest key, however, you can also wait a certain amount of time to unlock it. The table below lists the time periods needed to unlock some of the chests

Chest Time needed
Wooden chest 5 seconds
Golden chest 8 hours
Mega Lightning chest 1 day
Fortune chest Instant
Gold crate 3 hours

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