Clash Royale: August balance changes

Although the balance changes for August 2022 have yet to be confirmed by Clash Royale, a reliable source, RoyaleAPI, has leaked the information.

Clash Royale is a thrilling mobile game that invites gamers to experience and enjoy real-time strategic battles. The game combines the elements from collectible card games with multiplayer online battle arenas and tower defence.

You can enter battles that consist of either 2 or 4 players, but gamers should bear in mind that the goal of these battles is to destroy the most opposing towers.

Similarly to other role-playing titles, Clash Royale is constantly being improved by its developer, Supercell. The game occasionally receives new content, additional activities, and modes for players to enjoy. Furthermore, Supercell sometimes releases balance changes, which can influence your gameplay notably.

Why do games need updates and changes?

All gamers have experienced the frustration of a game that needs to be updated. Even though these updates can be frustrating, they are necessary. No game is perfect and as such, has numerous bugs and problems. Luckily, these problems can easily be fixed with an update.

Changes are necessary to keep gamers interested and engaged in the game. Introducing new content and changing some features in the game keeps players motivated to enjoy the game for longer periods of time.

Clash Royale: August 2022 balance changes

Supercell has allegedly confirmed the balance changes for August 2022. These changes will likely affect your battles and gameplay substantially. The balance direction that the balance team tries to keep is allegedly to encourage offensive gameplay. This makes defensive cards a bit on the weaker side.

One of the biggest changes you will notice is that the Elixir Golem has been reworked. After the balance, players gain elixir after they have defeated the blob from the first stage, you will receive another elixir from the second stage, whereas the last stage offers 2 elixirs.

The Prince and Ram Rider buff have been decreased. Before the balance, players benefited from 3.5 tiles, however, they will now only benefit from 3 tiles. Furthermore, Mega Knight will jump faster than before when the balance changes have been implemented.

Executioner has had the worst win rates in the game, but fortunately, he will receive a range buff in this balance. Ice Golem’s Death Slow Effect is increased by 0.5 seconds, which is essentially a 50 percent increase.

It is worth noting that not all cards have received positive changes with this balance. The Golden Knight’s health has been reduced by 10 percent so that he can be eliminated more easily. Skeleton King’s maximum skeletons have been reduced by 2, which means that he will now only summon 16 skeletons, instead of the usual 18.

Although Fireball is one of the most popular spells, it received a pushback nerf from 1.8 tiles to 1 tile, which is a 44 percent nerf. Fire Spirit received a 9 percent damage reduction with this balance, however, it is still able to defeat goblins.

Clash Royale: August balance changes
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Why did some cards not change with the balance?

It is important to note that not all cards in Clash Royale have been affected by the balance changes. The table below lists some cards that have stayed the same:

Card Why it is staying the same
Mortar This card is mostly only played in Top Ladder, and as such, nerfing the card will make it harder to play for casual gamers
Mirror Mirror did not experience any changes, as it has become a viable option in a deck and somewhat serves as a win condition

The developer does not intend to make Champions overpowered, but these cards will likely stay extremely strong regardless of changes. This is because they offer a unique opportunity to affect gameplay after they have been deployed.

Rework of The Elixir Golem

As previously mentioned, the Elixir Golem is currently the target of a rework in the August 2022 balance changes. Players can thus expect the following changes:

  • Stage 1: Blob health points have increased by 9 percent, and deafening this blob will reward players with an Elixir
  • Stage 2: Blob health points have increased by 6 percent, and you will receive 0.5 elixir for killing the blob
  • Stage 3: Blob will reward players with 0.5 Elixir for every Blob killed

Are these changes final?

It is worth noting that these changes have yet to be confirmed by Supercell, however, a reliable Clash Royale source, RoyaleAPI, has confirmed these balance changes. Hence, players should note that these changes are a work in progress and are not final. They may change based on future in-game tests that the developer will surely conduct to ensure the changes are reasonable.

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