How to complete level 1 055 in Candy Crush Saga

It is recommended that players use stripped special candy and colour bomb combinations to complete level 1 055 of Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush Saga is a very popular free-to-play video game developed and published by King. It was initially launched on Facebook, but other versions for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10 followed. Candy Crush Saga is a variation of King’s browser game, Candy Crush.

In the game, players need to complete levels by swapping coloured pieces of candy on a game board to make a match of three or more of the same colour. This will eliminate those candies from the board and replace them with new ones, which could potentially create more matches.

When players match four or more candies, they will create unique candies that act as power-ups with larger board-clearing abilities. The boards have various goals that the players must complete within a fixed number of moves or limited amount of time. The goals include, but are not limited to reaching a certain score or collecting a specific number of at type of candy.

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most successful freemium games. This means that even though the game can be played completely through without spending real-life money, players can purchase special actions to help clear more difficult boards.


The game currently holds 10 115 levels in 675 episodes on the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) version. While the Windows 10 application version offers players an additional 105 levels to complete. Each episode features 15 levels, except for Candy Town and Candy Factory, which only consist of 10 levels. Players will come across five different types of levels while playing Candy Crush Saga. The following table indicates the level type, what players need to do during that level, and when the level type first appears:

Level Type What players need to do to complete the level First appearance
Jelly Players need to clear all the jelly on the board to complete the level. Level 8
Ingredients Players need to bring all the ingredients down to the exits to complete the level. Level 17
Candy Order Players should collect all orders by collecting wanted items. The items will be displayed in the menu. Level 1
Mixed Mode Players will face a mix between two level types. This means players might have to clear all the jelly and collect candy orders in the same level. Level 350
Rainbow Rapids Players need to clear a path to collect rainbow candies. Level 7116

The mixed levels are the most frequent, making up 30 percent of the levels, while rainbow rapids levels are the rarest, they make up almost three percent of the game.

Level 1 055

Level 1 055 is the fifteenth and last level of Mellow Marshmallow. It is also the sixth mixed mode level that players need to complete. To pass this level, players need to clear 81 double jelly squares in five moves or less. The board has six candy colours and 81 available spaces. Players can get a maximum of two million points if they complete this level.

How to complete level 1 055

The most obvious move, colour bomb and colour bomb combination, is not recommended. The first move a player should make depends on whether they can make a colour bomb and a wrapped candy combination, or a colour bomb and a striped candy combination straight off. If either of the two combinations are available, players should make that move.

However, if one of the combinations are not available, players should eliminate one colour and hope for such a combination to be possible for the next move. The choice between the two combinations depends on the player’s goals. The colour bomb and striped candy gets players closer to completing the level, while the colour bomb and wrapped candy combination can achieve three stars and two million points.

Players can also try a colour bomb and colour bomb combination for their next move. If players have already eliminated most, or all, of the double jellies, this combination might complete the board, or get players very close to completing.

It is important to remember that players only have five moves to clear the jelly. However, the level starts with several columns of candies, so a lot of striped candies or colour bombs will be created. There is a possibility that players can complete this level in two moves, maybe even one. However, if no striped candies are created at the start, completing this level will be more difficult. The creation of the colour bombs at the start of the level might help players clear some of the jelly if they are lucky. The jellies are worth 16 200 points. However, 338 000 points are required to earn one star.


In level 1 055 of Candy Crush Saga, players need to clear 81 double jelly squares in five moves to complete the level. It is recommended that players use a combination of stripped special candy and colour bombs. This method can lead players to finish the level successfully in just one move.

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