Can you romance Jack after her loyalty mission?

Jack is only available for Male Shepards, who can begin Romancing her after you’ve completed her Loyalty Mission, Jack: Project Zero. Once you complete it, you can begin courting her, which happens in three conversation stages.

Can you sleep with Jack and still romance Tali?

Choosing to have casual sex with Jack will lead to a brief, steamy cutscene, but after this, Jack will no longer speak to Shepard casually, and her romance will be locked. This is an option players can take if they want to experience a fling with Jack but ultimately plan to romance Miranda or Tali.

Is Jack Romanceable in Mass Effect 3?

Once you’ve recovered Jack from Grissom Academy, you can find her in the symbolically-named Purgatory Bar (you rescued Jack from the prison ship Purgatory in Mass Effect 2). Here is where you can both re-kindle and Lock In a Romance with her. In order to Lock her back In, you’ll want to pick “I still want you”.

When can I romance Jack?

After “Priority: Citadel II” and a few assignments have been cleared, Jack will message Shepard to meet her at the Purgatory Bar on Mass Effect’s iconic Citadel location. To lock in a romance with Jack, pick the “I still want you” dialogue option when it appears.

Can you romance Miranda after Jack?

If you have casual sex with Jack in ME2 it will not affect romancing Miranda. It will mean that Jack won’t talk to you for the rest of the game so you’re locked out of her loyalty mission.

This CAN’T End Well – What If You Romance BOTH JACK & MIRANDA in Mass Effect 2?

Can both Jack and Miranda be loyal?

When Miranda’s loyaly mission becomes available, hold off on doing it until after Jack’s has been unlocked. After doing Jack’s mission, take Jack’s side in the argument. Next do Miranda’s mission and her loyalty will be back.

Why can’t i romance Miranda?

Miranda Lawson is only available for Male Shepards, who can begin courting her after her Loyalty Mission, Miranda: The Prodigal. Once you complete it, you can begin courting her, which happens in three conversation stages.

Can you sleep with both Jack and Miranda?

From the Mass Effect Wikia: “Although it is possible to have a sexual encounter with Jack before this, it does not count as a romance.” So, I’m hitting on MIranda. Can I hit on Jack, have sex with her, but still finish with Miranda as a romance? Yes.

Who does Jack fall in love with?

Jack also now realizes he deeply loves Sally and how much she means to him, so he follows her to the graveyard to confess his feelings to her. Once Jack finds Sally sitting on the Spiral Hill, he sings and is able to confess his love to Sally where she reveals she loves Jack as well.

Can you recruit Jack ME3?

Shepard may recruit Jack, referred to as Subject Zero in her dossier issued by Cerberus, from a prison facility operated by the Blue Suns mercenary company called Purgatory, to join the suicide mission against the Collectors. She is considered so dangerous that she was confined in cryogenic stasis after she was caught.

What happens in ME3 if Jack dies in ME2?

If she dies: Jack’s role in Mass Effect 3 will be taken by Jason Prangley. Without Jack, Prangeley will die during the events at the Academy. Jack’s name will appear on the memorial wall on the Normandy as “Jacqueline Nought”. If you had a romance with her, it will end.

Why is Jack not in ME3?

Long answer (SPOILERS): Jack appears on the mission ‘Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation’. This mission is unlocked only after you complete Priority: Palaven, and you need to speak with Specialist Traynor beside the galaxy map. This is an optional mission so this can be put off.

Can you romance Jack in ME3 if you didn’t in ME2?

No. No ME2 squad members can be romanced in ME3 if you don’t carry a romance over.

Can you romance Jack as a female Mass Effect?

As a female Shepherd in Mass Effect 2, you can have main storyline romances with Garrus Vakarian, Jacob Taylor or Thane Krios. There’s no option for a female relationship with Jack, although it has recently been revealed that this was once considered as an option for the original release.

Will Liara be mad if you romance Tali?

Basically, you won’t be penalized if you start with Liara in 1 and go with Tali in 2 and 3. Liara’s not going to be a pain and keep info from you or whatever over it. At most, there might be a snarky comment or two, but that’d be about it.

Should you romance Miranda or Jack?

I’d say stick with Jack. Reason being that if you’re indecisive about the two it means you’re already not all that impressed with Miranda. She doesn’t really get any better. On the flipside, Jack’s romance story is one of the better done in the game, if not the best done.

Who is Jack’s one true love?

As only his one true love can cause his heart to begin beating again, Tella realizes this means she is his one true love and that the kiss he gave her will not actually kill her.

Who is Jack’s girlfriend in the order?

After getting his memory erased by Alyssa, Jack began dating Gabrielle, who convinced him to dye his hair blond.

Did Jack and Rose ever say I love you?

After the Titanic sinks and Jack and Rose are left waiting in the freezing Atlantic to be rescued (well, Jack is in the water; Rose is on that damn door), she tells him she loves him. Jack fights back, however, telling Rose not to say her goodbyes.

Can you save Miranda without romancing her?

Romance only: you MUST NOT break up with Miranda at any point in Mass Effect 3. If you do, Miranda will die. The only way to avoid this is to lock in a different Romance before breaking up with her; this safely removes the break-up choice from her conversations.

Who does Miranda love?

Moments later she encounters Ferdinand for the first time and the two immediately fall in love. Miranda is amazed by the sight of him, questioning whether or not he is a spirit.

What happens if you cheat on Miranda?

Miranda will die. There is a glitch you can exploit to avoid this though.

Why can’t Miranda say I love you to Mike?

Miranda realizes that she can’t tell Mike she loves him because she is actually in love with Gary, and sets out to break up with Mike, losing track of time and failing to appear to help Gary as he requested.

What happens if Miranda isn’t loyal?

If Miranda is the only disloyal squad member, she will die first. When it is determining who dies, it goes through the list to see if anyone is disloyal and kills them first before going through to kill off loyal squad members.

What happens if Miranda is not loyal?

As all of your team is loyal except Miranda just don’t have her hold the line. As pointed out in Shinrai’s comment non loyal members will die before loyal ones when holding the line. So as she is the only crew member not loyal she will be first to die if something goes wrong.

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