Can you play Dislyte offline?

Dislyte is considered a very popular mobile game, but you do need to be connected to a stable internet connection to enjoy it.

Players can fight alongside powerful heroes in this urban, mythology-themed mobile game, Dislyte. The game’s persistent world was invaded by terrifying foes, so in an attempt to defeat them, citizens transformed into divine beings.

In these uncertain times, it is your responsibility to restore peace and harmony to the world.

Dislyte is an extremely enjoyable mobile game, however, some players have questioned whether they can play the game offline.

Dislyte’s characters

There are more than 25 unique characters, also referred to as Espers, that you can get in the game.

Every Esper is a replica of a mythological character, which means that the character’s appearance, skills, abilities, and playstyle are inspired by this mythological character.

There are 4 mythologies in Dislyte, however, there is a possibility that the game’s developer, Lilith Games, will introduce additional mythologies in the future.

You can collect characters who are based on Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, and Norse mythologies.

Regardless of a character’s mythology, you can create several teams with which to vanquish enemies. Keep in mind that some team combinations perform better than others.

Can you play Dislyte offline?

Gamers should note that a stable internet or data connection is required to download and install the game. Furthermore, you either need to be connected to the internet, or use your phone’s data, to install Dislyte’s latest updates.

Dislyte is regarded as a very popular game, and therefore, some players have questioned whether they can play the game if they are not connected to the internet. Unfortunately, you need a stable data or internet connection in order to play Dislyte.

This essentially means that you cannot play the game in offline mode. If you are not connected to the internet and you do not use your device’s data, and you start the game, it will notify you that you have to check your internet connection.

The game will not run until you are connected to the internet, or you can use your device’s data.

You should also note that Dislyte cannot run as a background application, which means that if you close or exit the application, you will be disconnected from the server.

Hence, your progress in the game will pause, as it requires that you have a connection to the server to continue.


Although you cannot play Dislyte offline, the game allows you to participate in a few activities simultaneously.

When you perform a multi-battle, either in the Sonic Miracle, Ritual Miracle, or Practice Stages, you can minimise the battle and start another one with different characters.

Keep in mind that you have to activate the multi-battle feature before you start a battle. On the team formation menu, you will find a “multi-battle” tab at the bottom of the screen.

A new menu will then pop up, which allows you to adjust the multi-battle settings according to your preference.

Why do you need to be online to play Dislyte?

It is important to note that a connection needs to be established between the game and the server at all times. Therefore, you have to be connected to a stable internet connection at all times.

If you are not connected to the internet, the game will not run, which means that you cannot participate in and enjoy the game modes the game has to offer.

Dislyte’s multiplayer feature

Although Dislyte is considered a single player game, it has some multiplayer features. You can create or join a club with numerous players.

This is another reason why Dislyte cannot be played offline, as you need a stable internet connection to be able to communicate with your club members.

Being a club member allows you to participate in various club activities. You can earn awards and club points by participating in these activities.

Club points can be used to purchase items in the Club Shop. The items in the club shop are determined by the club’s level, so the higher a club’s level is, the more items players can purchase from the club shop.

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