Can SkyWings have blue eyes?

Typically, SkyWings have red, pink, orange, or golden scales with yellow, orange, or amber eyes. Their scales have been described to be “jewel-hard”. Taking Peril as an example, it can be assumed that firescales SkyWings can have shockingly bright blue eyes and unnaturally bright copper scales.

What Colour eyes do SkyWings have?

SkyWings typically have yellow, orange, or amber eyes, though Peril and Sky are exceptions, due to their conditions. SkyWing scales are “jewel-hard.” They also have the largest wings of any tribe, [event 2] and long, curved horns on their heads.

What colors can SkyWings be?

The base colors for skywings are red, crimson, pink, orange, and gold. Some rarer colors that are not pictured are a warm purple color, peach, magenta, and yellow. There is a skywing myth that red dragons are stronger fighters and orange dragons are better fliers. Having some form of body pattern is pretty common.

Can MudWings have blue eyes?

Brown and orange are the primary eye colors for MudWings, but mutations are common in this tribe, resulting in blues and greens as well in some rarer cases.

What color eyes can SeaWings have?

SeaWings usually have eyes that are some shade of blue or green. SeaWings have glowing stripes along their faces, bodies, and wings.

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What would a SeaWing RainWing hybrid look like?

Appearance. Rosewater looks much more like a RainWing despite her mother being a SeaWing. She’s shorter than a lot of RainWings, and has a thicker tail. Her wings are bigger than SeaWings too, so it makes it rather difficult to swim long distance.

What color is Skywing Icewing hybrid?

Appearance: Northstar has pale orange scales with darker orange over-scales. His underbelly is a pale gray blue, and his eyes are pale blue, like ice. His horns are gray.

Can RainWings be any color?

A RainWing’s colors may also change if they feel a particularly strong emotion, such as pale green or white for fear or pain, purple for guilt, yellow for amusement, pink for happiness, emerald for displeasure, red and black for anger, grey for sadness, blue for calm.

What are good Skywing names?

SkyWings can be named after mountain-dwelling creatures or birds (such as Kestrel, Osprey and Hawk), features of the landscape (such as Cliff and Sunset), gemstones or minerals (such as Ruby and Garnet), actions during flight (such as Soar), shades of red and orange (such as Vermilion and Scarlet), and generic fire- …

Is blue a SilkWing?

Blue is a male Flamesilk SilkWing Dragonet. He is the main protagonist in The Lost Continent.

Are there any Animus SkyWings?

Animus dragons have been observed in the tribes of IceWing, SeaWing, NightWing, SandWing, and, historically, SkyWing. As of The Poison Jungle’s epilogue, no animus dragons can cast spells, but previous enchantments still work.

Is there a SkyWing Animus?

So that leaves Sandwings, Icewings and Skywings as the only “true” animus tribes. Skywings no longer have their magic, as in Darkstalker Legends they said that they killed all their animi at birth. But they used to have animus dragons.

Can IceWings be pink?

Like SeaWings, they can have unique coloring, and on rare occasions they may also have pale lavender or pale pink scales. Eye colors may be black, gray, or blue eyes and have forked tongues and blue blood. On the back of their heads, instead of normal dragon horns, IceWings have long, sharp ice spikes.

What color is SeaWing blood?

Unless there’s been another instance of spilled SeaWing blood where the color has been identified, the Seawings join the blue blood family!

What do Icewing eyes look like?

IceWings have blue, black, or stormy grey eyes, forked blue tongues, and ridged, serrated claws to grip the ice while traveling by talon around their habitat.

What is a blue flame SkyWing?

Blue-flamescales SkyWings are a rare mutation in SkyWings, that causes them to have blue flames. It is a genetic mutation that occurs when a SkyWings fire is naturally hotter, causing it to be blue. The SkyWings affected by this have blue scales, ranging from a deep sea-blue to a pale sky blue.

Who broke the Skywing egg?

Hvitur pleaded for her not to break the SkyWing egg, but she did. Burn dramatically dropped the egg over the cliff, pretending that it slipped through her talons, and proceeded to torment him, saying that even if the dragonets did save the world, it would be far too late for him.

How fast can a Skywing fly?

Special Abilities: Skywing can fly longer, higher, and faster than the other Bird People. His top flight speed can match Mach 1, or the speed of sound.

Can SkyWings have feathers?

Feather-winged SkyWings live high in the mountains and are adapt to flying in strong wings and more extreme hot/cold. Feather-winged SkyWings live in beautifully desinges and decorated caves they carved with their fire and claws. The are kinder than most typical ‘grumpy SkyWings.

What gender is blue in WOF?

Blue is a male SilkWing dragonet and the main protagonist of The Lost Continent. He lived in Cicada Hive along with his half-sister Luna and his two mothers before becoming a fugitive. He currently resides in the LeafSilk Kingdom. He is a flamesilk dragon and is currently in a relationship with Cricket.

Are there any animus RainWings?

RainWings are the only tribe confirmed to never have had animus magic, Aside from Skywings, who destroyed the animus dragons in their eggs.

Why are RainWings so lazy?

Because they have been misunderstood and wrongly judged they have a false reputation of laziness. They know how to re-charge themselves with naps and they know how to be centered and peaceful about everything in their lives.

What is a skywing elf?

Being connected to the Sky Primal, Skywing Elves are able use magic that allows them to manipulate wind, lightning, and ice, as well as greatly enhance their physical movement. The Skywing Elves fortunate enough to be born with wings have free access to flight from birth on.

Can SkyWings be black?

Canonically, a purebred SkyWing would probably not be black. Hybrids, though, and people will do what they want.

What does a SeaWing IceWing hybrid look like?

Rain is a SeaWing IceWing hybrid. Rain is a larger dragon, filled with narrow shapes and sharper edges. Their build is taller, rounded with a definite fierce yet gentle feel to it all. They are more IceWing build, with the SeaWing webbed feet and glowscales scattered about.

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