Can flash beat voldemort?

Can flash beat voldemort? The Flash. Hands down. Unless Harry gets lucky and lands Petrificus totalus or Impedimenta on The Flash.

Can Spider Man beat the flash?

The fight might be close, but Spider-Man would have a difficult time slowing down the Flash enough to beat him. Spider-Man definitely has a chance to land a few good blows, but the Flash is just too fast and unpredictable for him to beat.

Can flash beat Wonder Woman?

She was instructed in not only hand to hand skills, but also in the use of multiple weapons, like swords, spears, axes, bows and arrows, and more. The Flash is pretty good in a fight, but he can’t match Wonder Woman’s martial skill.

Can Superman defeat Flash?

The Flash Takes It

While not every Flash could beat Superman in a no-holds-barred race, the main Flashes — Barry Allen and Wally West — have both beaten Superman in several contests of speed. The Speed Force is a potent power source, allowing them to break the laws of physics in ways that Superman just can’t.

Can the flash beat Supergirl?

If by Flash you meant either Barry or Wally, then the Flash wins.. Even though the Supergirl is pretty much a Superman with panties she still can’t match up with what the Flashes can do when it comes to speed, time travel, phasing, molecule vibration, speed stealing and dimensional control when inside the Speed Force..

How Expelliarmus Beat Voldemort’s Avada Kedavra – Harry Potter Explained

Can flash defeat aquaman?

Only if the battle is under water. Aquaman is strongest of all when under water, even flash can’t move faster than aquaman. But if they’re fighting on surface then it’s a easy win for flash.

Who is faster flash or Superman?

The two heroes have raced several times since then, in the comics, cartoons and movies. As a general rule, the comics claim that The Flash is the faster hero, with Barry Allen, Wally West and even an octogenarian Jay Garrick having outrun Superman over the years.

Could the flash beat Thanos?

While it is fairly obvious that the Flash could run circles around Thanos under normal circumstances as his powers make him virtually untouchable, there wouldn’t be much the Scarlet Speedster could do if he was around for Thanos’ Infinity Snap as there is no way to outrun the god-like power of cosmic chance.

Can the flash beat Hulk?

Hurting the Hulk would be hard for the Flash, especially since every missed attack would make the Hulk angrier. However, the Flash can always deploy the infinite mass punch, his most devastating attack. It would be a last resort but it would give the Flash the win.

Could the flash beat Goku?

Flash might be the fastest man alive but he’s no match for Goku. But being slower is what will likely save him if they ever met on the battlefield.

Could the Flash beat Shazam?

Shazam is much stronger and more durable. He has a multitude of ways to incapacitate the Flash. Many of Flash’s best attacks are lethal and likely could and would not be used. Shazam is not as fast as Flash but once Flash is tired, it’s over.

Who would win flash vs thor?

Thor gets absolutely obliterated. If we’re talking about Barry Allen, all he’d have to do is a speed steal and an infinite mass punch. Heck, even Jay Garrick—the slowest Flash—was able to steal Superman’s speed. The only speed feat people use for Thor is his ability to throw Mjolnir at the speed of light.

Who can beat flash in Avengers?

Doctor Strange is a Master of the Mystic Arts who wields a number of powerful spells and artifacts, making him a dangerous threat. Beating the Flash as simple as Doctor Strange moving the battlefield to another dimension or changing into one of his more powerful forms.

Could the flash beat Iron Man?

The Flash dismantled Machinehead’s suit instantaneously, leaving him basically standing in his underwear before he even had a chance to blink. The Flash would absolutely destroy Iron Man in a fight, and like Machinehead, the Flash would do so in the funniest way.

Can Spider-Man beat the Hulk?

Marvel fans know Spider-Man is a strong superhero, but it’s now official: Peter Parker is strong enough to defeat the Incredible Hulk in a one-on-one brawl, with modern comics confirming that Spider-Man is even stronger and more invincible than his fans assume.

Can Spider-Man beat Deadpool?

“Spider-Man would beat Deadpool. Easily. Because Deadpool loves Spider-Man, and therefore could never bring himself truly to hurt Spider-Man. Spider-Man would take Deadpool down, but still visit him both in the hospital and later in prison.

Can The Flash beat juggernaut?

Originally Answered: Who would win in a fight between the flash and juggernaut? Despite my favoritism for Juggernaut, this fight goes to the Flash. While the Juggernaut is much stronger and durable than Flash, Flash’s advantage in speed is absolutely massive.

Can Green Lantern beat Thor?

There is no clear answer as to who would win in a fight between Green Lantern and Thor, as both are incredibly powerful superheroes. However, if it came down to it, Thor would likely have the advantage, due to his ability to control the weather and his powerful hammer Mjolnir.

Who wins Hulk or Superman?

There’s no question the Hulk is a near-indestructible force who comes out on top in almost all of his battles of pure strength. However, against Superman, he’s outmatched. While Hulk’s strength might rival that of the Man of Steel, Superman’s other abilities give him a considerable edge against his opponent.

Can flash defeat darkseid?

Flash is The Only Hero Who Can Actually Stop Darkseid’s Darkest Power. DC Comics reveals that the Flash might be the only character in the DC Universe who can defeat Darkseid and his horrifying Anti-Life Equation. Warning: contains spoilers for Justice League Infinity #7!

Could flash outrun the snap?

While it is fairly obvious that the Flash could run circles around Thanos under normal circumstances as his powers make him virtually untouchable, there wouldn’t be much the Scarlet Speedster could do if he was around for Thanos’ Infinity Snap as there is no way to outrun the god-like power of cosmic chance.

Would the flash beat Galactus?

1 Would Lose: Galactus

Known as the Devourer of the Worlds, Galactus is one of the strongest cosmic beings in the whole Marvel universe and it would take more than just an effort of one superhero, even as fast one as the Flash, to stop him.

Who is faster flash or sonic?

In a competition of speed between the Blue Blur and the Scarlet Speedster, it will take more than math and science to really comprehend their overall speed. However, taking all things we know into account, Flash would win a typical race against Sonic the Hedgehog and come out as the faster of the two.

Who is faster flash or Goku?

If it really took him 0.00001 microseconds, this meant the Flash traveled 2.5 quintillion miles per hour — or roughly 3.7 trillion times the speed of light. This means that Wally West traveled 111 million times FASTER than Goku as of the Buu Saga, based on their maximum recorded speeds.

Can Superman see Flash?

Other media tends to portray Superman as the fastest, with the Justice League movie showing Superman being able to see The Flash coming and countering his super-fast attacks.

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