Can Dislyte run in the background?

Players will be disconnected from the Dislyte servers as soon as they close the application, which means that it cannot run in the background.

In this modern, mythological mobile game, Dislyte, you can enjoy turn-based battles against a variety of enemies.

To help you on the mission to defeat horrific enemies, ordinary inhabitants of a persistent world transformed into divine beings with unique powers and talents. In these uncertain times, it is your duty to defeat enemies and restore peace to the world.

Although the game takes place in a futuristic setting, the heroes, otherwise referred to as Espers, are created in the image of past mythological gods from across the world. The game has numerous activities and features that players can enjoy, but some of them may initially be locked.

What gaming modes can you participate in?

You can participate in an array of gaming modes, including the main campaign, trials, arenas, and the point wars and holo battles, among others.

The main campaign of the game is essentially the main storyline, for which players have to complete different stages of turn-based battles to defeat enemies.

While there are 6 trials you can enjoy, each trial has a unique objective that has to be fulfilled for you to earn the rewards. Furthermore, players can participate in player-versus-player battles in the arena and point war gaming modes.

Can Dislyte run in the background?

Many players have claimed that Dislyte is an extremely fun mobile game, as it keeps them engaged and interested for long periods of time. The game also has an amazing gaming community, which helps both new and veteran players with questions they may have.

Even though the game is very enjoyable, it cannot run as a background application. This means that if you close or exit the application, you are disconnected from the server. Hence, your progress in the game will pause, as it requires that you have a connection to the server to continue.

That being said, Samsung users can allegedly run the game through the popup view. To enable this view, players can click and hold the game’s icon and then select the “Open in pop-up view” option. However, it is not recommended that you play the game in the pop-up window, as it can be problematic.

Even though you cannot set your Espers to battle enemies while the game is closed, there are other features you can enjoy. Players can use the multi-battle feature, which allows you to participate in several battles simultaneously.

The auto-battle feature enables your Espers to fight enemies by themselves, as they do not require your commands to fight. However, this feature can be switched off, which means that you have to command the Espers in your team to use a specific skill in order for them to battle.

How to acquire an Esper

Espers are a crucial part of the game, because you cannot make progress without them. There are a few ways you can acquire Espers, but the most common way is through Echo.

Echo is the in-game summoning and gacha system that allows you to summon varying rarities of heroes + using different types of summoning currencies. Players can acquire these currencies as they advance in the game.

Gamers generally only find 1 banner in the gacha system, however, the rate-up banner is active sometimes. It gives players the opportunity to summon a specific Esper whose summoning rates are higher than normal.


It is important to note that multi-battles can only be enjoyed in the Sonic Miracle, Ritual Miracle, or Practice Stages. To activate this feature, select the multi-battle tab at the bottom of the screen in the team formation menu.

A new menu will appear, and it will allow you to adjust the multi-battle settings according to your liking. You may notice an additional settings tab while you are in a battle. This tab allows you to minimise the battle and return to the main screen of the game. You can then participate in another gaming mode while that battle is taking place in the background.

How to enable the auto-battle feature

Players have the choice to actively participate in the battles, or to leave their Espers to handle the battle alone. To enable the auto-battle feature, players first have to commence a battle.

Once you are in battle, you will notice 4 icons in the upper right corner of the screen. The icon that is depicted by a robot face toggles the auto-battle feature on and off.

If the icon is purple, players have total control over their Espers’ skills, but when the icon is green, they will fight automatically.

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