Brawl Stars: Gus

Gus is a Super Rare Brawler in Brawl Stars, but he will only be added to the game in late September 2022.

In this online battle arena game, Brawl Stars, players can fight artificial intelligence (AI) enemies, or they can play against other players.

There are various gaming modes that you can enjoy, and each one has a different objective. Some game modes allow players to invite their friends to play with them, and others can be enjoyed solo.

Before participating in any of the game modes, you get the opportunity to select your Brawlers, who are the heroes of the game.

There are more than 20 heroes in Brawl Stars, each with unique abilities. One of the Brawlers is Gus, but he is yet to be introduced to the game.


You can unlock Brawlers through Boxes, the Trophy Road, and from the Brawl Pass. Additionally, you can purchase characters from the in-game shop. Every brawler is categorised into a specific rarity, which is determined by its statistics and abilities:

Category Brawlers
  • Gale
  • Surge
  • Colette
  • Janet
  • Meg
  • Amber
  • Sandy
  • Leon
  • Squeak
  • Sprout
  • Max
  • Tara
  • Bonnie
  • Grom
  • Bea
  • Frank
Super Rare
  • Jacky
  • Penny
  • Darryl
  • Rico
  • Rosa
  • Poco
  • Barley
  • El Primo
Trophy Road
  • Stu
  • 8-Bit
  • Bo
  • Brock

Allegedly, the rarer the Brawler is, the better it will perform in battle. However, it is extremely difficult to acquire a Legendary Brawler, and Trophy Road characters are much easier to obtain.

Brawl Stars: Gus

Brawl Stars’ developer, Supercell, occasionally introduces new content, game modes, and Brawlers to keep players engaged in the game. Supercell recently introduced Gus, who is a super rare Brawler and is obtainable from Brawl Boxes.

Brawl Stars: Gus
© Supercell

It is noteworthy that Gus has yet to be added to the game, which means that at the time of writing this, you cannot collect or play with him. Although Gus has moderately low health, and deals low damage, he excels as a supporting character.

Gus has unique abilities, which can be used on the battlefield:

Type Name Description
Attack Loony Balloons Gus shoots a balloon in a straight line. Every time he hits an enemy, he charges a bar. After 3 hits, the bar is fully charged, which makes the next attack that hits an enemy spawn a spirit that heals Gus, or his allies. The bar does not charge if he misses his shot. A maximum of 10 spirits can be on the battlefield, so the first spirit will disappear if an 11th spawns.
Super Spooky Boy Gus grants himself or his allies a shield that blocks a certain percentage of damage. Players can give teammates the shield by aiming the Super or giving it to Gus by auto-aiming it. If the attack deals more damage than the shield’s health, it will disappear. The Brawler with the shield is damaged by the remaining damage.

Gus’ Gadgets and Star Powers

In addition to these skills, Gus can use Gadgets and Star Powers on the battlefield:

Type Name Description
Star Power Health Bonanza Health gained from the spirits is increased by 100 percent.
Gadget Kooky Popper When activated, all spirits on the map explode. This deals 180 damage to enemies. The Gadget can only be activated when there is at least 1 spirit on the battlefield.
Star Power Spirit Animal Gus or allies affected by his super will deal 25 percent more damage for 5 seconds.
Gadget Soul Switcher The Brawler loses 30 percent health but gains 100 percent spirit instantly.

Gus probability

Brawl Stars players are excited for Gus’ official release, however, whether you will obtain him on the first day depends on various factors. To find out your probability of acquiring Gus, you have to count the Brawl Boxes on your account.

It is crucial that you count the boxes as a total, and not as each type. For example, you may have 5 Mega Boxes and 3 Big Boxes, but you should count your Mega Boxes as 10 individual Brawl Boxes. Big Boxes reward you with 3 Brawl Boxes, and thus, you have 59 boxes in total.

Additionally, you need to consider your Super Rare Brawler drop rate which you can find in the Mega Bro Box’s information menu. Once you have your drop rate, and your total boxes, you can open a probability calculator.

The number of trials is your total number of boxes, and your probability is your drop rate.

When is Gus being introduced?

Although Gus’ official release date has yet to be announced, he will be added to the game in late September 2022.

It is recommended that players do not use their Brawler Boxes until Gus is added to the game. The more boxes you have, the better your chances are of acquiring Gus.

Gus’ statistics

The following table lists Gus’ health points and his Super’s statistics according to his level:

Level Health Super’s shield health
1 3200 2400
2 3360 2520
3 3520 2640
4 3680 2760
5 3840 2880
6 4000 3000
7 4160 3120
8 4320 3240
9 4488 3360

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