BitLife: Job Packs update

In 2022, BitLife received a job update that allows players to become astronauts, vampires, and business leaders, and you can unlock these careers by purchasing the pack.

BitLife is an exciting mobile game that allows players to experience make-believe scenarios such as if they majored in acting or what they would do in their old age using a list of instructions, random events, and humor.

Since it is a simulation game, you can experience life as a fictional character. In 2022, the game got an update, which introduced several new careers.

BitLife gameplay

BitLife has simplistic gameplay, which is quite similar to other simulation video games. However the game allows you to choose actions for each character’s time instead of choosing dialogue.

For example, once the character reaches the age of 18, you can choose whether they go to university, join the army, or look for a job.

All characters in the game have 4 different statistics which influence their quality of life. If the character has low health, they will get sick often.

You can decide if your character is going to live by the rules or attempt to break rules, but keep in mind that you can go to prison if you are caught breaking the rules.

BitLife: Job Packs update

When a character has their 18th birthday, you can decide their future. Will the character enroll in university, or will they join the army?

Bitlife: Job Packs update
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The choice is entirely up to you. If you decide to enroll your character in university, the chances of getting a highly-paid job are higher.

Unfortunately, the game does not receive regular updates, but in 2022, the developers released a job pack update. You can find the job pack in the main menu of the game, and you need to purchase it in order to unlock the jobs.

The job pack includes:

Job Description
Beekeeper As a beekeeper, you are responsible for building and maintaining beehives, inducting wild swarms, collecting honey, removing hive parasites, and maintaining the health of the hive.
Vampire You can rise from the grave and claim victims.
Dealer As a dealer, you can trade with drugs and start your own drug empire.
Business Players can enable their characters to start up, acquire, or manage a company.
Astronaut You can leave Earth and explore the galaxy.

Keep in mind that it is not mandatory to purchase a job pack, it simply makes the game more interesting. The base game features several career paths, but it can become monotonous when you have experimented with every career path.

If you are interested in expanding the careers in BitLife, you can purchase the job pack. If you are just starting to play the game, we recommend that you try all the available careers before purchasing the job pack.

How to pursue careers

Once you have the job pack, your character will not automatically pursue one of the careers. You have to follow specific methods to ensure that your character pursues one of the careers in the pack:

Job Requirements and steps
Beekeeper For this job, your character needs 65 percent in the smart statistic, then you can apply to become an apprentice beekeeper and work your way to the top.
Vampire For this career, you have to be born in Romania, or move there; own a house that is over 100 years old (and the house needs to be haunted); and  you need to impale and bite 3 people.
Dealer The dealer’s career is linked to the criminal path in BitLife. You need to go to nightclubs to be exposed to drugs in order to pursue this career.
Business Players must select the special career option to start their own business.
Astronaut Your character has to reside in a country that has a space program. You can either live in the US, Russia, or Europe as they have a space alliance. Players have to enroll in engineering or math. Your character needs experience in flying jets or being in the Air Force for a certain time period. After being part of the ground control for a while, you can apply to become an astronaut.

Base careers

There are more than 10 jobs that form part of the base game in BitLife. You can pursue jobs in:

  • Corporate
  • Model Agency
  • Airline
  • Veterinary
  • Hospital
  • Municipal
  • School District
  • Law
  • Medical
  • Fire Department
  • Police Department
  • Record Label

Job requirements

It is crucial to note that certain jobs in BitLife have specific requirements. In order to become a veterinarian, you have to attend Veterinary school.

Though there are several jobs in BitLife that do not have specific requirements and for which you can simply apply.

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