BitLife: How to blow up on YouTube

There is an opportunity for you to create a viral video on YouTube in BitLife, but you first have to create a YouTube channel.

BitLife is an exciting and well-renowned mobile game that invites gamers to experience life simulation features in a very simplistic user interface. You can create a life by making certain defining decisions, which can influence your gameplay significantly.

Will you make all the right choices to become a model citizen, or will you play choices that horrify your parents? Every play is unique, as it depends on your choices.

In the game, you can select any career path, including an actor, a famous YouTuber with viral videos, a criminal, or a scientist, amongst others. But bear in mind that every career is determined by your education, so you can decide to work hard in school or slack off.

How to play BitLife

BitLife can only be enjoyed on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. To install the game, you have to open your corresponding applications store. Android users can open the Google Play Store, and iOS users can open the App Store and search for BitLife in the search bar.

Keep in mind that your device may not be compatible with the game, which means that you will not be able to download or install BitLife. Once you have found the game, you can start downloading it, after which it will be installed. You can then select a gender and start a virtual life.

BitLife: How to blow up on YouTube

One of the careers you can choose in BitLife is that of a YouTuber, and in order to become famous, you must remember a few things. Content creation on YouTube is a career that can garner a lot of money and fame, and to be successful, you have to ensure that your character is attractive, intelligent, and in good health.

BitLife: How to blow up on YouTube
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It is advised that you create a YouTube channel when you turn 13 years old. To do so, you can click on the activities tab and select social media. Create your account, then you can start posting YouTube videos to kickstart your career.

You can post gaming, dance, challenge, and unboxing videos on your YouTube channel. Consistency will create a strong foundation for your channel and turn it into a profession.

It is worth noting that one of your videos could go viral, which means that it could be widely circulated on the internet. If you want to go viral on YouTube, you should produce a ton of videos of one type and hope for the best.

This is because the rate at which you could go viral is completely random, but if you only post 1 type of video, your rate and the chance of going viral increases. It is thus recommended that you choose one of the video types, and post a few videos before aging your character within a year or 2.

BitLife: How to blow up on YouTube
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How to get millions of subscribers on YouTube

To get subscribers on YouTube, you need to become famous, so that your social media followers increase substantially every time you post a video and age up. As long as players continue to post several videos a year and maintain their fame, they will eventually get millions of subscribers.

It is allegedly quite easy to become famous if you are a singer, which can have a positive influence on your attempt to go viral. When you reach the age of 8, you can get voice lessons, but you first have to ask for your parents’ permission.

You can get the lessons 3 times a year, until you have maxed out the skill. You should also create a singing YouTube channel and post videos for a chance to go viral.

Will a video go viral if you are already famous?

There is a possibility that you may be born into a famous family, which means that you will likely gain thousands of subscribers the moment you create a YouTube channel. While this may sound like a good deal, it is not great for getting your videos to go viral.

Viral YouTubers are usually unknown initially, and they start small, so they have their claim to fame once one of their videos goes viral. So, if you start off in a famous family, it is recommended that you restart the game.

What to do after a video goes viral?

Players are notified once their video has gone viral, which can happen at any time as it is randomly generated. Once your video goes viral, you will get more subscribers and it is recommended that you keep on posting videos for a chance to have another viral video.

You will eventually get verified and be able to monetise your account, which is a way to generate an income.

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