BitLife: Can you cheat?

Players cannot cheat while playing BitLife, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make your gameplay easier.


Players can enjoy life simulation in this uniquely engaging mobile game, BitLife. You can create a virtual life by making a range of decisions. Will you make choices that horrify your parents, or will you make the correct decisions to become the next president? Each life is extremely unique, as they completely depend on your decisions.

You will start the game as an infant and grow through the stages of life. While growing up, you can select activities to join, and make important decisions. You can attend university, look for a job, start dating, and commit crimes. It is important to note, though, that all of your decisions have consequences, so you should consider your every move carefully.

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What is the objective of different activities?

According to research, having a range of activities keeps players interested and engaged in the game. Furthermore, it increases the chance that more people will find something they enjoy in the game, as it offers players diverse content.

As previously mentioned, the choices you make and the activities you participate in will have consequences. While playing the game, you can decide whether you will help your friend commit a crime or not. This can either go very smoothly and nobody will catch you, or it can go horribly, as you could get arrested.

It is uncertain which activities and choices will have a negative effect on your life, because every life in the game is unique, and your lifestyle depends highly on your choices.

BitLife: Can you cheat?

Similarly to real life, you cannot cheat in BitLife, however, there are some tricks and hacks that can influence your overall gameplay. To get the job you want, you can either tap on the “Year” option and waste an entire year, or you can quit the game and start a new life until you get the job you want.

Furthermore, you should ensure that you always select the “Study harder” option while at school. This will increase your chances of receiving a scholarship and you will not have to take out a student loan. You will allegedly also get a better job.

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It is advisable that you always keep an eye on your bars, located at the bottom of the screen. The virtual life you create will be more successful if your bars are always green. You can go to the gym, visit the library, or meditate to improve your bars.

How to make more money

In the early stages of your virtual life, you have the option to borrow money from your parents. You can ask for the maximum amount of money to help you in later stages of the game. Moreover, you should try to keep your parents happy, as they can pay off your student loan if you have one. There is also a higher chance that you will receive a massive inheritance when they pass away if you keep them happy.

Alternatively, players can freelance or work part-time jobs during their time at university. However, you should ensure that you do not increase your stress levels while freelancing. It is advised that you do not attend college if you want to become an artist, and if you do decide to go to college, you should choose a degree for a high-paying occupation, such as a doctor, lawyer, or dentist.

Property hacks

It is recommended that you do not buy a property where you get overwhelmed with the mortgage, instead, purchase a small and inexpensive property that you can sell at a later stage to make a profit. To purchase property, players can head to the asset option in the main menu of the game. Here, you will see your finances and have the option to go shopping.

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Once you have selected the “Go shopping” option, you can purchase various items, one of which is property. There is usually more than 1 option to buy property from and you can select either enterprise. In the new menu, you will find properties with varying prices. It is advised that you purchase a property that is not too expensive, but not too cheap either. You can sell it for profit at a later stage in the game.

Relationship tricks

Instead of spending time with your friends and family members in the game, you should give them gifts. This will improve the relationship much quicker than doing stuff with them does. However, players must be cautious with this at the beginning of a relationship, because very cheap or expensive gifts can be rejected, consequently damaging the relationship.

Final thoughts

BitLife is an interactive mobile game that invites players to experience simulation elements. Players can create a virtual life by making a range of decisions, but each decision you make has specific consequences. You should thus think before making important decisions, as they can change your entire life.

You cannot cheat in the game as it is similar to real life, but there are a few tips and hacks you can use to make your gameplay easier. To improve your relationships with people, you can send them gifts instead of spending time with them. Additionally, you can focus on studying hard to ensure you get a high-paying job.

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