Azur Lane: Musashi event

During the Violet Tempest Blooming Lycoris event in Azur Lane, players can acquire the Ultra Rare ship, Musashi, which has been permanently added to the Yamato Class.

Azur Lane is a compelling, simulation video game that invites players to collect characters that are anthropomorphic interpretations of World War II ships.

You can collect ships from the United States Navy, Royal Navy, Kriegsmarine, People’s Liberation Army Navy, and from the Imperial Russian Navy among other sources.

You can organise these ships into fleets to battle artificial controlled (AI) enemies or other players’ fleets in the player-versus-player game mode. There are several activities that you can enjoy in the game, including occasional in-game events.

One of the events you can participate in is Violet Tempest, Blooming Lycoris. During the event, you can procure Musashi, a battleship from the Yamato class.

What is an in-game event?

An in-game event allows you to experience a video game in a new, thrilling way for a limited period of time. Some of the most successful in-game events are tournaments, challenges, and limited-time obstacles.

These activities generally require players to actively complete tasks, missions, and objectives in order to earn valuable rewards. The items you receive during an event can sometimes only be acquired from that specific event.

Generally, in-game events have a theme that corresponds with real-life events, such as Thanksgiving or Halloween. However, some games create their own themes to correspond to in-game events.

Azur Lane: Musashi event

The Violet Tempest, Blooming Lycoris event in Azur Lane will kick off on Thursday 15 September 2022, and will conclude on 5 October 2022. During this event, players can participate in the Rapid Training Campaign.

Azur Lane: Musashi event
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In order to be successful in the campaign, you have to log in to earn skill books and 20 wisdom cubes. You can also finish 10 classes instantly when you use Skill Books at the Tactical Class every day.

Moreover, if you are under level 80, you will earn double commander and ship experience points. There is also a possibility that you may receive Core Data when you are clearing hard stages during the event.

This event introduces 5 new characters, all of which will be permanently added to the Sakura Empire. One of the new ships you can acquire is the Ultra Rare Musashi, which forms part of the Yamato Class.

Similarly to other ships, the Musashi ship also has unique skills:

Skill name Description
Violet Lightning Storm When this ship fires her main guns, there is a 50 percent chance that she will fire a level 1 special barrage. The damage that the barrage deals is based on the skill’s level. If she has a Sakura Empire Main Gun equipped, the barrage is improved.
Tempestuous Blade This skill increases the ship’s fire power by 10 percent, and her accuracy is increased by 1 percent. If she has Sakura Empire gear equipped, it will increase her reload by 1 percent and the main gun crit damage by 5 percent.
Musashi’s Guardianship If the battle commences, and the ship is not your flagship or your airspace control status is not air incapability or air denial, it reduces the ship’s damage taken by 10 percent.
Azur Lane: Musashi event
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Musashi’s statistics

Musashi has base statistics, which progressively improve as she reaches higher levels:

Level Health Firepower Anti-air Reload Evasion Speed Accuracy
Base 1819 91 40 57 7 26 22
100 9833 450 210 146 31 26 64
120 10860 473 230 154 36 26 72

The base stats come from 0-60 Affinity with no enhancements, and level 100 and level 120 come from 100 Affinity and maxed out enhancements.

Musashi’s gear

It is alleged that equipping gear can improve a ship’s overall damage, however, it can also protect the ship from incoming damage. The table below lists Musashi’s gear:

Slot Efficiency Equipable Max number
1 125 percent to 155 percent BB Guns 3
2 220 percent CL/DD Guns 3
3 100 percent Anti-Air Guns 1
Augment Not applicable Bowgun, Officer’s Sword 1

Event shop

During this event, players can acquire the newly-added furniture set, Manjuu Academy Festival. The shipgirls will be dressed up in maid outfits in order to celebrate the new festival. Players can also purchase a new gear skin box, Academy Festival and a variety of resource supply packs.

The new outfit series features many shipgirls, such as the stunning L2D outfit, Sakawa – The Colors of Love. If you log on during the event, you can earn 2 rental outfit vouchers, which can be used on the following outfits:

  • Musashi: Violet Moonglow
  • Wakatsuki: Slapdash Blue Sparrow
  • Sakawa: The Colors of Love

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