Australian themed party games for adults

You can incorporate an Australian theme into your party games for adults, with ring toss, backyard, and other party games to make the party more fun and memorable.

There are many benefits to having a theme for your party instead of just having a normal party. A theme makes it easier for you to stay focused while you plan the party, but also for your guests to get involved and have fun.

If you have decided on an Australian theme for your party, you will be able to plan the décor, dress code, and beverages for the party accordingly.

However, what will really make your party stand out is including a variety of games that fit into the Australian theme of the party, but also with the level of excitement of your guests and the size or your backyard.

Taking classic party games like ring toss games, backyard games, and other popular party games will keep your guests entertained and keep your party enjoyable and memorable.

This can easily be done by giving the rules or the look of the game a twist so that they fit into the overarching theme of your party.

Why themed parties are so popular

When people think of a themed party, most of them will most likely have images of princesses or dinosaur-themed children’s parties come to mind.

However, the concept of a themed party can evolve beyond children’s parties, and they can even be a great way for adults to plan and execute a memorable gathering or celebration of friends and family.

Having a party with a clear and easy-to-follow theme will not only help get your guests into a joyful and creative mood for the day, but it can also keep your focus in the planning stages of the party.

In this case, having a clear category to come back to can help you stay focused when you are making or purchasing the decorations, refreshments, and entertainment for the party, which will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by all of the different choices.

Although not every party is suited for a theme, if you do have the opportunity to incorporate a theme into your next party, this can really make your event stand out from the rest and stay in the memories of the people who attended the party.

Australian themed party games for adults

To add to the ease of planning and inherit entertainment value and memorability of a themed party, these types of parties also tend to stir up a childlike excitement in guests.

Often, this will entice more guests to show up and may make the entire event much more fun, when everyone can really get behind a common, shared theme.

You can draw inspiration for themed parties that are suitable for adults from an array of sources, like decades in history, films and celebrities, historic events, and more. In this case, the most important thing is to find a theme that all of the guests will be able to understand and relate to.

This means that whether you are an Australian yourself, or you are celebrating an event like Australia Day, someone is moving to Australia, or whatever your reasoning is for choosing an Australian theme for your party, as long as all of your guests are on board with the theme, your party should be a blast for you and your guests.

It is also crucial to remember that you can go as far with your theme as you want to. If red, white, and blue, or just green and gold decorations, like this blue and red paper garland set, this green and gold balloon arch kit, or this plate set, and dress theme is what best suits your party and style, then that will work perfectly for your party.

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On the other hand, if you want to go all in with Australian branded décor items like this door banner or this Australian flag plate set, or even if you want to add an inflatable kangaroo to the décor of the party to really get your guests into the Australian spirit and drive home the theme, that would be perfect.

Especially if you know that your guests would notice and appreciate the little details.

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Although all of this décor, the dress code, beverages, and food can all really reinforce the theme of your Australian-themed party, what will really make your party stand out and be memorable for your guests is including a few fun and entertaining party games that also fit into this theme. This will give the whole event a sense of whimsy and creativity.

When you are planning the party games for your Australian themed party, it is imperative that these games feel included in the Australian theme as the rest of the party so that your guests will feel the same amount of joy and excitement participating in the games.

But it is also important that the games are easy enough for everyone to understand how to play and enjoy. If your Australian themed party is mostly centred around adults, it is often enjoyable to include a drinking element, or a themed prize, like this shirt, to keep your guests engaged in the game.

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For this reason, you may be interested in including one or more games from the following categories:

  • Australian-themed ring toss games
  • Backyard fun
  • Well-known party games with an Australian twist

This way, you can choose games that will not take too long for your guests to get a hang of, but that will give all of the adults in attendance something to do that will be fun and entertaining.

Australian themed ring toss games for adults

Ring toss games, in many different versions, have been a staple at fairs and parties for decades, and with good reason. A ring toss game is easy to understand, as there is only really one, clear objective to follow.

As an additional bonus, adults can keep a beer in one hand while they play if they really want to embrace the Aussie-barbeque spirit.

In order to keep with your Australian theme, it is best to change the “ring” in this game to something quintessentially Australian, like thongs (or flip flops, as they are called in the rest of the world), gumboots, or boomerangs.

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Another advantage of a ring-toss type of game is that you can change the rules to make it more suitable for the space that you are playing in, for instance:


Description Place a marker on the ground and test which guest can throw their “ring” the farthest from the line. To keep with your Australian theme, you can make this marker two Australian-themed centrepieces or a line of paper streamers within your colour theme.
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Description Place a stick or stake some distance away from where the distance marker is placed. Players must try to throw their “rings” as close to this stake as possible. Using a paper Australian flag on a stick as the stake will keep the game in your theme.
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Description Place a bin at the same place that the accuracy stake would be and keep count of which guest gets the most “rings” in the bin. Sticking Australian-themed stickers on the side of the bin will make it fit right into the rest of your theme.
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Backyard games for an Australian themed party for adults

If you are looking for games that interpret your Australian theme more broadly than the highly themed games above, you can just make sure that you have the space and equipment for your adult guests to have some good old fun in the sun during the party.

Any outdoors activities near and around your Australian-themed party decorations will end up feeling vaguely Australian and can be great fun for your guests. Some of the games that have proven to be successful at other Australian parties for adults include:

Pool games

Description The best way to make a pool party fun for adults, is to include games like floating beer pong, volleyball, or battle logs throughout the party
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Backyard-beach cricket

Description Beach cricket is a quintessentially Australian pastime, but you can easily recreate this game in your own backyard
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Slip and Slide

Description If your backyard is big enough, a slip and slide could be the ideal way for your guests to cool down
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Well-known party games with an Australian twist for adults

If you want to add some entertainment to your Australian themed party, but you do not have a large backyard or you just want easy to understand and play games, your best course of action is to put an Australian twist on party games that all of your guests likely already know and love, such as:

  • A pin the tail on the kangaroo game
  • A lamington eating contest
  • A “guess that tune” game played with a real didgeridoo, or a PVC pipe, or a cardboard tube disguised as a didgeridoo
  • An Australian slang quiz
  • A drinking chant like “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi”, where every guest has to take a sip of their drink when someone yells this chant randomly throughout the party
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