Artery Gear Fusion: Hokuto

One of the mechas you can summon in Artery Gear: Fusion is Hokuto, a 5-star unit that possesses powerful abilities.

Artery Gear: Fusion is a newly-released mobile game that invites players to participate in turn-based battles against numerous enemies. There are several gaming modes players can enjoy in the game, including player-versus-player mode.

The game offers modern content with beautifully-illustrated storylines. It takes place in a fantasy world that was invaded by Puppies, which are horrific creatures.

In these uncertain times, it is up to you to collect and upgrade mechs that can defeat enemies to save the human race. The game currently has more than 12 kinds of family lines and hundreds of attractive characters with different styles for you to acquire.

How to acquire a character

The game has a gacha system that allows you to utilise various probabilities to collect different rarities of mechas in the game. You summon on summoning banners that are available at the beginning of the game, and every mecha has a rarity attached to it.

Players can summon units from the Beginner Recruitment Banner, the Normal Summoning Banner, the Event Summoning banner, and the Elite Recruitment Order Banner. It is worth noting that the beginner banner is only available in the early stages of the game, though the normal banner is always active. The remaining 2 banners are time sensitive and are not always available.

Artery Gear Fusion: Hokuto

One of the 5-star mechas you can collect is Hokuto, who is a freelance Artery Gear (AG), as she is no longer under Frontier’s service. In an attempt to fight for civilians, she goes back and forth in the war zones, which makes her a well-known hero.

Artery Gear Fusion: Hokuto
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Players should note that Hokuto has the Molten attribute, which means that she has an advantage over Crystal mechas but is weak against Thunder units.

Similarly to other characters, Hokuto possesses an array of statistics. These statistics have the ability to influence her performance on the battlefield. The table below outlines her statistics at maximum level, with 6 stars and level 6 technology with no gear equipped:

Statistic Amount Description
Health points 6141 When Hokuto takes damage, the damage will be deducted from her health points. Once they reach 0, she will no longer be able to fight.
Attack 1300 When you are using an attack skill, the damage you deal will be increased based on the attack statistic.
Defence 557 When Hokuto is being attacked, the damage she takes will be reduced based on this statistic.
Speed 127 At the beginning of a battle, and at the end of a turn, her action bar will increase according to this speed statistic.

Hokuto’s skills

Hokuto has extremely powerful skills that she can use in battle to defeat enemies. The following table highlights her skills and gives a description of each:

Skill Description
Basic skill: Blooming Sunlight Hokuto attacks an enemy, which causes 90.1 percent damage. For every 1 percent of their health lost, the damage is increased by 0.12 percent. There is a 35 chance of causing a Blind debuff for 2 rounds.
Passive skill: Defy Death Shikigami protects Hokuto from a fatal blow. When Hokuto receives lethal damage, it is negated, and the cooldown of ‘Kuro Gongen’ is reset. After this effect is triggered, the Blooming Sunlight skill will cause 90.1 percent of the damage to all enemies. However, it does not trigger a dual attack.
Active skill: Shikigami ‘Kuro Gongen’ Hokuto cooperates with her Shikigami to attack the target, which causes 162.2 percent damage to an enemy. For every 1 percent of its life lost, the damage is increased by 0.3 percent. It also causes the target to be stunned for a round.

Gear and statistic recommendation

As you advance in the game, you will discover many types of gear sets. Although players can equip Hokuto with any gear set, this is not recommended. This is because some gear sets increase and boost her performance on the battlefield, while others weigh her down.

It is advised that you use the following gear sets for Hokuto:

  • Speed or Critical Chance
  • Speed or Health points
  • Attack or Critical Chance

And you should focus on the following statistics:

  • Speed
  • Attack
  • Critical damage
  • Critical Chance

Can Hokuto be upgraded?

There are several methods you can use to upgrade and increase Hokuto, however, some are more time-consuming than others. It is worth noting that most of the upgrade methods can only be used once Hokuto has reached her maximum level.

It is thus recommended that you focus on increasing her level before trying the other methods. You can then increase her rank, complete the limit break process, equip her with stronger gear, and enhance her skills.

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