Arknights tier list

Arknights currently has over 200 operators available for players to obtain, and as a result, it can be confusing to know which character falls into which tier.

Arknights is a free-to-play tower defence mobile game set in the dystopian, post-apocalyptic future setting of planet Terra. People on the planet show kemonomimi features and have animal characteristics or mythological races.

The in-game natural disasters have left behind a valuable mineral, Originium, which enables the use of a magic called Arts. It also infects people with the progressive disease, Oripathy. Due to the 100 percent mortality rate, and the high infectivity at the time of death and unfriendliness towards the infected became widespread. This led to a mass quarantine and expulsion by governments worldwide. Subsequently, tension arose between the non-infected and the infected.

Players take on the role of the  amnesiac Doctor. They command a team of operators on Rhodes Island, a medical, self-defence and pharmaceutical organisation. As the disease spreads, the team searches for a cure while defending themselves against threats such as the Reunion Movement.


Arknights currently features over 200 operators that players can obtain. It can thus be very confusing to know which character is worth having. Luckily, the characters have been divided into eight different classes, and each character has been ranked. The S-tier features the best and rarest characters to have, while the C-tier features the most common and below average characters.

It is also important to note that each class features multiple sub-classes. Each sub-class has its own unique abilities and skills. The following table indicates the name of each class, as well as the general characteristics.

Name of the class General description of the class
Supporters ·       These are ranged characters whose attacks deal Arts damage.

·       The skills, traits and talents provide offensive or defensive support.

·       The characters in this class usually have low health points (HP).

·       The class features average attack (ATK), resurrection (RES) and attack speed (ASPD).

Specialists ·       The characters can either be melee or ranged. Their traits and skills determine the primary function.

·       The characters are able to block two enemies. However, Stalker Specialists cannot block enemies on their own.

·       It is important to note that this class has a low resurrection rate. However, they feature average health, attack and defence abilities.

Sniper ·       Characters in this class are usually ranged. They have average health and can perform powerful attacks.

·       It is important to note that most of the characters in the class have low defence and no resurrection abilities.

Medic ·       The Medic classes are usually ranged.

·       It is important to note that these characters heal friendly units instead of attacking enemies.

·       They have low health and conduct average attacks.

·       Even though they heal, they cannot resurrect.

·       The Medics also feature an average damage point cost and a slow attack speed.

Guards ·       The Guards are melee characters who can block up to three enemies.

·       They have high health points (HP) and powerful attacks (ATK).

·       It is important to note that these characters have low to average defences and resurrection abilities.

·       However, the class features average to high damage point (DP) cost and attack speed.

Vanguard ·       Characters part of the Vanguard class are usually melee damage dealers.

·       Their traits or skills allow additional damage point (DP) generation.

·       They are able to block up to two enemies.

·       It is important to note that the characters in the class have average vitality (HP), attack, attack speed and defence abilities.

Defender ·       The Defenders are melee attackers who are able to block up to three enemies.

·       It is important to note that Champion Defenders can only block one enemy.

·       The class features high vitality (HP), high defence and high damage point (DP) costs.

·       However, they deal average attacks (ATK) and have an average attack speed (ASPD).

Caster ·       Casters are ranged characters that deal Arts damage.

·       They have low vitality (HP), defence and attack speed.

·       It is important to note that they deal powerful attacks, however, they have high damage point (DP) costs.

Tier list

Characters are ranked according to their uniqueness and combat performances. The S-tier characters are extremely capable and are second to none. The A-tiers feature some of the best characters of that class, as they are a good choice for any part.

The B-tier characters are useful in most combat situations. However, it is recommended that players upgrade the characters when it is necessary. While the C-tier units are viable, they are not ideal to have.

Supporter tier list

The following table indicates the Supporter tier, as well as the characters that fall into the specific tier.


Supporter characters

S-tier ·       Magallan

·       Skadi the Corrupting Heart

·       Angelina

·       Suzuran

A-tier ·       Scene

·       Pramanix

·       Mayer

·       Shamare

·       Istina

·       Sora

·       Glaucus

·       Tsukinogi

B-tier ·       Earthspirit

·       Deepcolor

·       Podenco
C-tier ·       Orchid

Specialist tier list

The table below indicates the tiers for the Specialist class.


Specialist characters

S-tier ·       Phantom

·       Gladiia

·       Aak

·       Weedy

A-tier ·       Kirara

·       Manticore

·       Kafka

·       Frost

·       Mr. Nothing

·       FEater

·       Projekt Red

·       Robin

·       Snowsant

·       Cliffheart

·       Waai Fu

·       Bena

B-tier ·       Jaye

·       Shaw

·       Rope

·       Gravel

·       Ethan

C-tier ·       THRM-EX

Sniper tier list

The following table indicates the Sniper tier list, as well as the characters that falls into the tier.


Sniper characters

S-tier ·       Rosa

·       Schwarz

·       Rosmontis

·       Ash

·       Exusiai

·       Archetto

A-tier ·       April

·       Aosta

·       Executor

·       Firewatch

·       Blue Poison

·       Meteorite

·       GreyThroat

·       Provence

·       Sesa

·       Platinum

·       Stormeye

·       Andreana

·       Toddifons

B-tier ·       May

·       Meteor

·       Pinecone

·       Ambriel

·       Jessica

·       Aciddrop

·       ShiraYuki

·       Vermeil

C-tier ·       Kroos

·       Catapult

·       Rangers

·       Reserve Operator Sniper

·       Adnachiel

Medic tier list

The table below indicates the best and worst characters of the Medic class.


Medic characters

S-tier ·       Shining

·       Kal’stit

·       Nightingale
A-tier ·       Touch

·       Warfarin

·       Tuye

·       Whisperain

·       Ptilopsis

·       Silence

·       Breeze

·       Folinic

·       Ceylon

B-tier ·       Purestream

·       Sussurro

·       Perfumer

·       Gavial

·       Myrrh

C-tier ·       Reserve Operator – Logistics

·       Ansel

·       Lancet-2

·       Hibiscus

Guard tier list

The following table indicates the tier list for the Guard class.


Guard characters

S-tier ·       Skadi

·       Pallas

·       Mountin

·       Hellagur

·       Ch’en

·       Surtr

·       SilverAsh

·       Thorns

·       Blaze

A-tier ·       Flint

·       Flamebringer

·       Broca

·       Bibeak

·       Ayerscarpe

·       Whislash Astesia

·       Tachanka

·       Swire

·       Spector

·       Sharp

·       Savage

·       Lappland

·       Indra

·       Franka

·       Amiya

·       Sideroca

·       Akafuyu

B-tier ·       Utage

·       Mousse

·       Matoimaru

·       Jackie

·       Frostleaf

·       Estelle

·       Dobermann

·       Cutter

·       Conviction

·       Beehunter

·       Arene

C-tier ·       Midnight

·       Popukar

·       Melantha

·       Castle-3

Vanguard tier list

The table below shows which character of the Vanguard class falls into which tier.

Tier Vanguard characters
S-tier ·       Saga

·       Bagpipe

·       Siege
A-tier ·       Grani

·       Reed

·       Elysium

·       Texas

·       Zima

·       Chiave

B-tier ·       Myrtle

·       Beanstalk

·       Courier

·       Scavenger

·       Vigna

C-tier ·       Fang

·       Plume

·       Vanilla

·       Reserve Operator – Melee

·       Yato

Defender tier list

The following table indicates the best and worst Defenders in Arknights.


Defender characters

S-tier ·       Nian

·       Saria

·       Hoshiguma

·       Mudrock

·       Blemishine

·       Eunectes

A-tier ·       Vulcan

·       Hung

·       Nearl

·       Liskaem

·       Blitz

·       Croissant

·       Bison

·       Asbestos

·       Beagle

B-tier ·       Cuora

·       Buble

·       Gummy

·       Dur-nar

·       Matterhorn

C-tier ·       Cardigan

·       Beagle

·       Noire Corne

·       Spot

Caster tier list

The table below indicates which Caster units fall into which tier.


Caster characters

S-tier ·       Passenger

·       Mostima

·       Dusk

·       Ceobe

·       Carnelian

·       Ifrit

·       Eyjafjalla

A-tier ·       Tomimi

·       Skyfire

·       Pith

·       Nightmare

·       Mint

·       Leonhardt

·       Amiya

·       Beeswax

·       Absinthe

·       Leizi

·       Lava the Purgatory

·       Iris

B-tier ·       Gitano

·       Click

·       Indigo

·       Haze

·       Greyy

C-tier ·       Reserve Operator – Caster

·       Lava

·       Durin

·       Steward

·       12F

How to obtain a strong Operator

When players first start playing Arknights, they are able to re-roll in the gacha until they obtain a rare or strong operator. Experienced players can use the Headhunt feature located in the main menu to obtain new characters. This will utilize gacha mechanics to give players a random operator from the current pool.

It is important to note that players will need to use Headhunting Tickets or Artificial Originium to get operators. Players are also able to see which characters are available on the banner. However, they should keep in mind that these banners change over time. This means that the pool of available operators changes constantly.

Alternatively, players can use the Open Recruitment feature the obtain a new operator. This allows the player to narrow down the list of operators they can get. Subsequently, this increases the chances of getting the character they want. However, this method requires Recruitment Tickets and Lungmen Coins.

Players are also able to obtain certain operators as a reward for completing a story or tutorial mission. The missions will have an operator’s face icon next to the quest to indicate that the character can be recruited.

The Headhunting tickets, Artificial Orginium, Recruitment Tickets and Lungment Coins can be purchased at the in-game store using the in-game currency. However, it is important to note that players may have to spend real-life money to obtain certain items in the store.


Arknights is a popular tower defence-style, mobile gacha game. Players need to fend off waves of enemies with the help of the characters they obtained through headhunting and recruitment. The characters can be divided into eight distinct characters: Guard, Medic, Vangaurd, Sniper, Caster, Supporter, Specialists and Defenders.

Each class features its own characters with unique skills and abilities. It is important to note that every character is ranked into different tiers. The S-tier is usually the best, with the most sought-after characters, while the C-tier features very common and below average units. It is advised that players aim to obtain the S-tier characters.

The game currently features over 200 operators for players to obtain. It can thus be difficult to know which character forms part of which tier. Luckily, the above-mentioned tables indicate all eight classes’ tier-lists, and the characters that form part of the specific tier.

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