Arknights’ Skadi

Players are able to collect the powerful six-star unit Skadi in Arknights, however, she can only be collected through the in-game gacha system.


Arknights is a popular free-to-play tower defence mobile game. It is set in the dystopian, post-apocalyptic future setting of planet Terra. Inhabitants of Terra show kemonomimi features and have animal characteristics or mythological races.

The in-game natural disasters have left behind a valuable mineral called Originium, which enables the use of a magic called Arts. It also infects people with the developing disease, Oripathy. Due to the 100 percent mortality rate and the high infectivity at the time of death, the hostility towards the infected became widespread. This led to a mass quarantine and an expulsion by governments worldwide. Subsequently, tension arose between the infected and the non-infected.

Players are invited to take on the role of the amnesiac Doctor, and they are in command of a team of operators on Rhodes Island. It is a self-defence, medical and pharmaceutical organisation. As the disease spreads, the team must search for a cure while defending themselves against threats such as the Reunion Movement.

Arknights features over 200 operators that players can obtain. It can thus be very confusing to know which character is worth having. The characters are divided into eight different classes: Specialists, Snipers, Supporters, Defenders, Medics, Casters, Vanguard and Guards.

It is also important to note that each class features multiple sub-classes. Each sub-class has its own unique abilities and skills. The units in the classes are ranked by stars; the six-star units are the best and the most sought-after, while one-star units are very easy to obtain and the most common.


One of the units that players can obtain in Arknights is Skadi, a six-star, A-tier Guard unit. She is a bounty hunter, employed by Rhodes Island. Skadi has shown impressive combat expertise in the past, eliminating difficult targets, defeating large creatures and wining wars.

Skadi is very experienced in combat, however, her history prior to becoming a bounty hunter is unknown. She is now an Operator for a Rhodes Island’s assault team, and also executes solo missions. Skadi is crucial to any team, due to her unique abilities.

Skadi’s abilities

The following table indicates Skadi’s talents, skills, base skills, and a short description of each:

Name of ability Description
Talent: Abyssal Predator Players will be able to use this talent when they unlock Upgrade 1. The talent increases Abyssal Hunters operators’ attack by seven percent.
Talent: Abyssal Predator Once players unlock Upgrade 2, the talent will improve. It will increase attack of Abyssal Hunters operators by 14 percent.
Talent: Swift Action The talent features a 10-second reduction of redeployment time.
Skill: Swift Strike Y The skill deals 20 percent attack. Additionally, it increases the attack speed by 20 percent.
Skill: Wave Strike 15 seconds after players have activated the skill, it will deal 80 percent damage to a target.
Skill: Tidal Elegy This skill will increase attack, defence and maximum Health Points by 70 percent.
Base Skill: Solitude When Skadi is in Elite one, and is assigned to a dormitory, her self-morale will recover by 0.7 percent per hour.
Base Skill: Elegy When the operator is in Elite two and is assigned to a dormitory, her self-moral will recover by one percent every hour.

Skadi’s missions

The following table indicates the missions and rewards that are available when players have both Skadi, and Skadi the Corrupting Heart in their collection:

Mission Rewards
Players need to level Skadi to Elite one, level one If the mission is completed, players will receive the following rewards:

·       Three Supporter Chips

·       50 Skill Summaries

·       59 Tactical Battle Records

·       50 000 Orundum

Level Skadi to Elite one, level 80 Once players reach level 80, they will receive the following:

·       Two Supporter Chip Packs

·       One Polymerization Preparations

·       Two Grindstone Pentahydrates

·       10 Skill Summaries

·       100 Tactical Battle Records

·       100 000 Orundum

How to obtain Skadi

Players are only able to obtain Skadi through headhunting. Headhunting is one of the two methods for players to obtain Operators in Arknights, aside from recruitment. It is basically the game’s gacha system. This means that players will have to purchase pulls for a chance to obtain Skadi.

Each headhunting pull costs approximately 600 Orundum or one headhunting permit. Players are also able to perform 10 consecutive pulls for 6000 Orundum, or one ten-roll headhunting permit. It is important to note that the drop rate for each Operator is different. The chance of obtaining a six-star unit, like Skadi, is two percent.

Even though the drop rate is very low, the game features two pity systems. This ensures that high-rarity Operators are accessible for everyone, even the unluckiest player. A five-star or six-star Operator is guaranteed to drop in any of the first ten pulls on a headhunting banner.

This means that if players do not obtain a five-star or six-star unit during the first nine pulls, then one will drop in the tenth pull. Additionally, if a six-star unit does not drop after 50 pulls, each subsequent pull will increase the drop rate of two percent, by 100 percent.

In other words, the drop rate will then be four percent at pull 51, six percent at pull 52, and so forth. The pity system makes it easier to obtain Skadi.

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