Arknights’ Lappland

Players are able to obtain the five-star unit, Lappland in Arknights; however, she can only be collected through the in-game gacha system.


Arknights is a popular free-to-play, tower defence, mobile game, set in the dystopian, post-apocalyptic future setting of the fictional planet, Terra. It is believed that the people of Terra show kemonomimi features and have animal characteristics or mythological races.

The in-game natural disasters have left behind a valuable mineral called Originium, which enables the use of a magic called Arts. It also infects people with the evolving disease, Oripathy. Due to the 100 percent mortality rate and the high infectivity at the time of death, the hostility towards the infected became widespread. This led to a mass quarantine and an expulsion by governments worldwide. Subsequently, tension arose between the infected and the non-infected.

Players are invited to take on the role of the amnesiac Doctor, and they are in command of a team of Operators on Rhodes Island. It is a pharmaceutical, medical and self-defence organisation. As the disease spreads, the team must search for a cure while defending themselves against threats such as the Reunion Movement.

Arknights features over 200 operators that players can obtain. It can thus be very confusing to know which character is worth having. The characters are divided into eight different classes: Specialists, Snipers, Supporters, Defenders, Medics, Casters, Vanguard and Guards.

It is also important to note that each class features multiple sub-classes. Each sub-class has its own unique abilities and skills. The Operators in the classes are ranked by stars; the six-star units are the best and the most sought-after, while the one-star units are very easy to obtain and the most common.


One of the five-star Operators players can obtain is Lappland. Her real identity is unknown and her background is a mystery. Lappland has demonstrated impressive destructive expertise in tactical assaults and search-and-destroy missions. She is currently employed by Rhodes Island, and works as a special operations Operator.

Lappland forms part of the Guard class. They are deployed on melee tiles, and is the most varied and flexible class in the game. They offer different Archetypes and are able to fill many holes. Since Lappland is a Ranged Guard, she is able to launch ranged attacks that deal 80 percent of normal attacks.

It is important to note that Lappland’s attack type is single-target physical. However, she is able to hit aerial enemies. Ranged Guards are one of the most versatile Archetypes in the game. They usually have good statistics and an extended range.

The following table indicates all Lappland’s statistics, as well as the number of each during the levels:

Statistics Base level Base maximum Elite 1 maximum Elite 2 maximum
Attack Speed 1.3 1.3 1.3 1.3
Block 2 2 2 2
Deployment cost 17 17 19 19
Redeployment cooldown 70 seconds 70 seconds 70 seconds 70 seconds
Arts resist 10 10 10 15
Defence 173 238 302 365
Attack Power 285 426 554 685
Health 987 1410 1856 2350

Lappland’s abilities

The following table indicates Lappland’s skills, talents and base skills:

Ability Description
Talent: Spiritual Destruction Players will be able to unlock the talent with Upgrade 1. It disables the target’s special ability when attacking and it lasts for a second.
Talent: Spiritual Destruction This talent will unlock with Upgrade 2. The talent disables the target’s special ability when attacking, and it lasts for five seconds.
Skill: Sundial The skill increases attacks by 30 percent. It also has a chance to resist physical damage.
Skill: Wolf Spirit Wolf Spirit increases the attacks by 60 percent. The damage dealt by the skill turns into Arts damage. It also attacks one extra target. It is important to note that the damage reduction of Ranged Attacks is removed with this skill.
Base skill: Hidden Purpose (Elite one) When Lappland is assigned to the same trading past as Texas, Morale consumed per hour will be reduced by 0.1 percent. While the order limit will increase by two percent.
Base skill: Hidden Purpose (Elite two) If Lappland is assigned to the same trading past as Texas, Morale consumed per hour will be reduced by 0.1 percent. While the order limit will increase by four percent.

Lappland’s Overview

Lappland’s range allows her to hit flying enemies or to be positioned behind a blocker. Her first skill, Sundial, is ideal for a front position, as it consistently increases her damage. It also grants her the opportunity to resist incoming physical damage. Wolf Spirit increases her damage-per-second by switching her damage to Arts, which allows her to hit an extra target.

Her most impressive technique is disabling the enemy’s special abilities with her Mental Destruction. It is important to note that players are only able to obtain Lappland through the in-game gacha system. This means that players will either obtain her quite easily, or will have to wait some time before she drops.

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