Are OSRS Bonds worth it?

Although you have to purchase OSRS bonds with real-life money, it is worth the price as it unlocks 90 percent of the game.

In this thrilling video game, Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you can experience role-playing and adventure elements.

As its name suggests, OSRS is part of the classic RuneScape series, which means that you can encounter similar mechanics, gameplay, and controls throughout the franchise. OSRS is set in a fantasy realm, in which you can interact with the environment and with other players.

OSRS has a main story arc which serves as your guide to the game. In addition to the main storyline, you can defeat monsters, harvest resources, and learn skills.

It is vital to note that some skills and features can only be accessed if you are a bond member. That being said, you can still access an array of aspects of OSRS if you are not part of the bond. This has led to many OSRS players wondering if bonds are worth it.

What is a bond?

An old school bond is an item that allows you to pay for membership. Bonds can be purchased from the developer, Jagex, for real money. After purchasing a bond, you can redeem it in-game.

Alternatively, the bond item can be traded with other players for coins or items. This gives OSRS players the opportunity to buy membership with in-game items.

Are OSRS Bonds worth it?
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A newly-purchased bond can be traded with other players, sold on the Grand Exchange, or donated or given to another player for free.

Bear in mind that Ironman players cannot donate bonds to other players. However, they can accept bonds donated to them by other players.

Are OSRS Bonds worth it?

Since players have to purchase a bond membership with real-life money, many gamers have wondered if it is worth it.

As a beginner OSRS player, you may assume that it is not worth it to pay for a membership. In the early stages of the game, you do not have to purchase the bond item.

However, as you reach later stages, you may consider purchasing a bond as it will unlock almost 90 percent of the game’s content.

When you purchase a bond, you unlock 10 additional skills, which are essential to make your gameplay smoother. The membership also unlocks many quests which are required to obtain access to strong money-making methods.

In the pay-to-play world, you can use different teleports around the world map by using different items, such as enchanted accessories. Moreover, numerous prayers cannot be used or unlocked without a membership.

By purchasing a bond, you will unlock new food and potions. The Prayer potions will restore your prayer without the need to pray at the altar and the boosting potion will temporarily boost your skills to kill a boss or complete a difficult quest

You will also gain access to 3 additional spell books when you purchase a bond. These spell books can be quite useful for game activities like training your prayer by killing ensouled heads through the Arceuus spellbook.

The best armour and weaponry in OSRS can allegedly be acquired by purchasing a membership. You can only acquire the Bandos armour, which is the best melee gear when you have a bond.

Is a bond necessary to progress in the game?

Although a bond unlocks almost 90 percent of OSRS, it is not mandatory. You can progress in the game without a bond. If you decide not to buy the membership, you should note that you will not have access to all the skills, food, gear, and areas in the game.

Without a bond, you may reach a certain point after which you will not be able to progress further. However, you can then purchase a bond to unlock additional content.

Member exclusive skills

As previously stated, you unlock 8 skills when you purchase a bond. The member exclusive skills and a description of each are:

Skill name Description
Hunter It enables you to capture wild animals and creatures
Construction Bond players have the ability to construct a player-owned house
Farming You can plant and harvest crops
Slayer This skill allows you to defeat monsters that cannot are undefeatable
Fletching This skill enables you to create ranged weapons and ammunition
Thieving You can steal from market stalls and chests but you can also pickpocket non-player-characters
Herblore It enables you to use herbs to make potions
Agility It traverses shortcuts and increases the rate at which energy recharges

Bond costs

You have to purchase a bond with real-life money. The price of the bond is determined by the quantity that you purchase:

Quantity Price
1 Old School Bond $7.99
3 Old School Bonds $23.99
5 Old School Bonds $39.99
10 Old School Bonds $79.99

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