Are Evony ads fake?

Most gamers have seen advertisements for Evony: The King’s Return, and it is noteworthy that although these ads are not fake, they are very misleading.

Evony: The King’s Return is a thrilling and role-playing mobile game that allows players to assume the role of a lord or a lady. It is set in medieval times, during which you can build your kingdom from the ground up.

As is clear in the game’s name, it is based on the classic video game, Evony, which means that players who know both will enjoy similar aspects in both versions.

The game has a variety of activities and occasional events for players to enjoy, however, some are initially locked. Luckily, you can gain access to these features when you meet the requirements to do so.

Similarly to other role-playing titles, The King’s Return gained popularity through advertising, however, some gamers have claimed that Evony’s ads are fake.

What is an advertisement?

Advertising is the action of calling a target market’s attention, in this case, gamers’ attention, to an offering through paid announcements by an identified sponsor. There are different types of advertising that gaming developers launch to advertise their games to a specific target market.

Advertising has 3 main objectives, such as informing players about the game, to persuade the target market to purchase the game, and to remind and reinforce the brand message. Although it is important to note that even if an advertisement serves a specific purpose, it may still be fake.

Are Evony ads fake?

The King’s Return’s developer, Evony, advertises the game on various platforms, including YouTube, in-game advertisements, and social media platforms, among others.

One of the most general types of advertisements potential gamers see is where they should help a character reach the treasure chest by completing a puzzle.

Some players have claimed that they also viewed an advertisement that said they needed to make a decision about their kingdom. Although these advertisements fulfilled a specific purpose, many gamers state that they are fake and misleading.

This does not imply that The King’s Return is a fake game, as it is available for download in multiple countries.

The game is a classic city-building, real-time strategy title, in which players collect materials, construct buildings, and recruit armies to attack rivals. However, this is not indicated in the game’s advertisements.

Instead of advertisements that represent the actual gameplay, the fake ads generally feature highly suggestive, almost naked female characters with the wording, “Come play with me, my Lord.”

The aftermath is that players mistook the game for a sexual fantasy simulation or networking service.

As previously mentioned, many gamers claimed that they had to solve a puzzle for the Evony advertisement. Unfortunately, this is another misleading situation, as the puzzles in the game have no effect on the gameplay.

Even though there are puzzles you can solve in The King’s Return, this is not one of the game’s main objectives.

How to play Evony: The King’s Return

Although some of the game’s ads for The King’s Return are extremely misleading and fake, the game is not. This means that gamers can go to their mobile device’s store; Apple Store for Apple users, or Google Play for Android users, to download the game.

After downloading Evony: The King’s Return, you can install and then launch it. Once the game is open, you must complete a tutorial mission to understand its mechanics and features.

There is a possibility that the game is not available in your country, or that it is not compatible with your device. However, you can install the game using an emulator on your personal computer (PC) or laptop.

Which features can players enjoy in the game?

You will get the opportunity to complete an array of quests as you advance in the game. Quests are considered a guide to the game, but it is not mandatory that you complete them. It is advisable that you complete quests though, as they offer amazing rewards.

Furthermore, you can construct a range of buildings, each of which has a specific purpose in your keep. Players can also participate in occasional events, join an Alliance, gather resources, and recruit troops.

What is an Alliance?

Similarly to other role-playing titles, this game has a guild system called Alliances. There are several Alliances players can join, but they can only be part of 1 Alliance at a time. In order to join a guild, you must have an embassy in your keep.

In the embassy, you can go through all the Alliances in the server that you are playing on. Once you have found a guild you like, you can apply to become a member. One of the Alliance’s officers, the host, or the vice-host will accept or deny your application.

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  1. This game is a complete scam, and is designed to make money for the owners, regardless of it being free to download….
    The game has a setup that practically forces you to spend real money to buy ‘packages’ in order to progress past the initial 10 levels. It is buggy beyond belief, and half of your time playing will be spent reloading the game, reinstalling the game, or palying around with settings to make the game stop crashing / freezing during play. There is nothing that even slightly resembles ‘customer support’ provided, and if they do respond to a question, they will wait weeks to do so, then have an automated bot contact you asking for a TON of information / screenshots / technical mumbo jumbo in order to investigate the issue. After supplying all of this, they just throw your complaint in the garbage bin, and forget about it completely!!


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